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Used with automated installations to provide answers to the questions that are normally asked during the installation process.
answer files
Package is automatically installed when the user selects the application on the Start->All Programs menu or during document invocation.
assigned applications
Provides to the client the location of the RIS server and the name of the bootstrap image.
Boot Information Negotiation Layer (BINL)
Enough software to get the client to the correct RIS server.
bootstrap image
Process of creating the reference computer for automated deployment.
disk imaging (disk cloning or disk duplication)
They support components such as on-demand installation of features as they are accessed by the users.
Microsofte Installer (MSI)
It allows a workstation to boot from a server on a network prior to booting the operating system on the local hard drive.
Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE)
Users can choose to install the application through the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs icon or can choose not to install it.
published applications
Has XP Professional installed and is configured with the settings and applications that should be installed on the target computers.
reference computer
The RIS boot disk is generated with the _____________.
Remote Boot Floppy Generator (rbfg.exe utility)
Used to prepare a preinstalled and configured XP Professional computer for disk imaging and then to replicate the disk image to a RIS server.
Remote Installation Preparation Tool (Riprep.exe)
Allows an individual to remotely install XP Professional.
Remote Installation Services (RIS)
Images based on a preconfigured computer which can contain applications as well as the OS.
Riprep image created with Riprep.exe utility
Used to uniquely identify each computer on the network.
Security Identifier (SID)
Object that is used within Active Directory to support RIS.
Service Control Point (SCP)
Utility used to create and modify answer files and distribution folders.
Setup Manager (setupmgr.exe)
Manages duplicate copies of images by replacing duplicate images with a link to the original files. Main purpose of the service is to reduce disk space that is used.
Single Instance Store (SIS)
Scans the SIS volume for files that are identical. If identicle files are found this service creates a link to the duplicate files.
SIS Groveler Service
A UDP-based file transfer protocol that is used to download the CIW (client intallation wizard) from the RIS server to the RIS clients.
Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
Answer file used to customize installation queries.
Practical method of automatic deployment.
unattended installation
Special application distribution files
windows installer packages
Windows XP Client Installation Wizard
Program used to initiate the unattended installation process.
winnt.exe or winnt32.exe