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Sparkling wines intended to taste like fizzy versions of a still wine and to express the flavors of the grapes are generally made using the _____ method.
Sparkling wines attempting to add complexities arising from aging and the breakdown products of the yeasts that add the bubbles are generally _____ -fermented.
The dissolved CO2 that makes sparkling wine fizzy is a by-product of __________.
alcoholic fermentation
True or false: Both tank method and bottle-fermented sparkling wines start with a still base wine.
Why will the base wines for sparkling wines usually be light in alcohol?
Because the fermentation processes add about 1-2% abv, as well as CO2 dissolved under pressure.
In the tank method of sparkling wine production, why is the tank sealed during part of the fermantation process?
this prevents any carbon dioxide gas from escaping, and the CO2 dissolves in the wine
Name three fresh, fruity sparkling wines produced by the tank method
Asti, Prosecco*, and Sekt*

*some bottle-fermented versions of these wines exist.
Which sparkling wine can be described as "usually made using the tank method;medium-bodied; dry or off-dry; delicate stone fruit flavors?"
The Italian term for lightly sparkling?
The Italian term for fully sparkling?
Where in Italy is prosecco made?
Northeast Italy
Which wine can be described as a "sweet, sparkling wine from Piemonte in Northwest Italy; usually fully sparkling (spumante) with intense floral and fruity flavors?"
Asti is made with the _______grape.
Wines labelled Moscato d'Asti differ from other Asti wines in what way?
Moscato d'Asti wines have just a light sparkle.
The German word for sparkling wine is "_______."
How does Sekt differ from Deutcher Sekt?
Sekt is usually made from cheap base wines that can be sourced from anywhere in the EU. Deutcher Sekt wines can only be made from German base wines.
Is it more labor intensive to make sparkling wine using the bottle fermented technique than with the tank method?
Which method of sparkling wine production costs more --bottle-fermented, or tank method?
bottle fermented
When compared to the bubbles found in tank method wines, the bubbles in bottle-fermented wine are__________.
Smaller, less aggressive.
What do sparkling wines gain by extended contact with dead yeast?
The wines gain complex bready, biscuity flavors.
When this happens, yeasts slowly release flavors into wine, producing many of the special flavors found in these wines
This is the period of aging in which yeast autolysis occurs. This can take months, or years.
When you _________ a wine, you remove the yeasty deposit to avoid making the wine hazy
What is a gyropalette used for?
It replaces the people (remueurs)who tip and jiggle bottles so that the yeast cells slide into the neck of the bottle.
What is the dosage?
Dosage is the amount of sugar added to the wine used to replace wine lost during degorgement.This determines the sweetness of the final product.
How sweet are demi-sec or semi-seco wines?
Medium Sweet.
Explain how yeast is removed from wine by using the transfer method.
Empty contents of bottles into a tank under pressure, filter to remove yeast, dosage, & rebottle.
Is the transfer method permitted for Champagne or Cava?
Where is the transfer method commonly used?
New Zealand and Australia.
What is the major advantage of the transfer method?
Less labor-intensive, with little impact on quality.
____________ is the most famous bottle-fermented sparkling wine and is named after an AC region in Northern France.
The three varietals used for base wines in Champagne are
Pinot Noir, Meunier & Chardonnay.
Do grapes tend to ripen fully in Champagne?
No. Therefore, for the sake of quality & consistency, most wines are Non-vintage blends of several vintages.
What's the minimum period of yeast autolysis in Champagne?
15 months.
Describe flavor profile of better Champagne.
dry, high acidity, complex flavors of green and citrus fruit(apple,lemon) and autolytic notes (biscuit, bread, toast).
What are BOBs?
Buyer's Own Brands (supermarkets, for example, may have their own brands)
What are Grand Marques?
Famous houses of Champagne-- the big brands.
This is another traditional method French sparkler, not from Champagne. High acidity, green and citrus fruit flavors, maybe some autolytic character, but not as complex as Champagne.
The major production area for Crémant wines is __________.
the Loire
The Spanish term for traditional method sparkling wines is ______.
Describe cava flavor profile
Fairly neutral fruit (perhaps some apple), medium acidity, and very little autolytic complexity.
Sparkling reds are made in ______.
Australia, from Shiraz. Full bodied, medium acid, intense black and red berry fruit notes.