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The conquest of one or more nations by another nations
The dominance and power asserted by one nation over less powerful nations
Before 1600 about 2,000 slaves were captured and taken from here each year
American settlement
became the major reason for the growth in the slave trade
Percent of slaves that died before reaching the new world
Several states maintained their independence during most of the 19th century
This Navy had a large part in ending slave trade
Raw materials
The African economy changed from selling slaves to providing _________ as needed by industrial countries
Palm Oil
Remained the leading export because industrial nations used it to lubricate their machines
Warfare and raids
____________ and __________ declined significantly when the British navy ended the slave trade around 1850
Gathering based economy
allowed more Africans access to the wealth that poured into Africa
_________conditions allowed the Africans to settle rather than continue to migrate
19th century
During what century did the commercial routes merge and unify?
Some African states grew because of __________ conquest
Islamic conquest
The sokoto (in modern Nigeria) and Tukalor (in modern Mali) empires are examples of ___________
African states began to modernize by setting up factories
Some African states in North and West Africa including Moproeo, Tunisia, and Ethiopia began to modernize their armies in anticipation of possible threats from European nations
Menelik of Ethiopia
Replaced his poorly trained volunteer army with well-equipped and well-trained soldiers
Samori Ture
West African general who developed a modern army with current weapons to defend the Wassoulu Empire
Fante Confederation
formed in Ghana in 1868 this African organization led by African pastors and teachers; provides an excellent example of Africans working to maintain self rule and improve the lives of their people
Cash crops
Provided a growing income for many Africans
Increased trade and economic opportunity
spread into the heart of the AFrican continent
Sir Richard Burton
searched for the answer to the mystery that began in Egypt; the elusive source of the Nile
David Livingston
was the most famous European explorer in Africa during the 19th century
David Livingston
followed the Zambeez River and discovered the falls that the Europeans named Mos-ou-tama Falls. He also traveled the Lake to Tanganyika where Henry Stanley, a welsh reporter found him
Henry Stanley
A welsh reported found David Livingston at Lake Tanganyika
Robert Moffat
One of the earliest missionaries from the British empire to serve in Africa; in 1817 he landed in South Africa and began a ministry that spanned 53 years
Missionary societies
formed with the specific goal of recruiting missionaries for Africa
Samuel Ajayi Crowther
Became the 1st African preacher in the Baptist church. He also translated the Bible into the Yorba language
One of the first European states to explore the coast of Africa and establish trade settlements
Expanded its exploration following the loss of the American colonies in the 18th century
Early British trade with Africa primarily involved ___________.
Industrial Revolution
provided a growing demand for African raw materials
the 2nd French Colonial Empire began in 1830 with the invasion of Alergia in North Africa
Joseph Jenkins Roberts
president of Liberia; used diplomacy and the aid of the US to preserve Liberian independence
King of Ethiopia; used well-trained army to defeat the Italian forces; he refused to submit to Italian demands
Formation of New African States
boundaries were drawn by Europeans with little regard for the actual location of tribes; no African input
Colonies subject to European control
Between 1880 and 1910 Africa went from a continent filled with many independent sovereign states to 40 artificially created__________
Trans-Sahara railway
The French sent 3 groups to determine routes for a __________
The french appointed a ___________ in North Africa to expand French interests farther inland
King Leopold of Belgium
________ and the French sent diplomats to secure treaties with the African tribes in the Congo basin
Congo basin
King Leopold of Belgium and the French sent diplomats to secure treaties with the African tribes in the _______
Continued expansion by the French and King Leopold resulted in claims by ________ and other European states
Soon, almost all of Africa came under _______ domination
Industrial Revolution and free trade
What 2 things caused international trade to grow rapidly?
free trade
Nations reacted to the increased competition by abandoning __________
To protect their markets from lower priced foreign goods, they raised their ______
raw materials
The increasing need for _____ also made control of resources in Africa appealing to the European states
direct control
European powers decided that Europeans could better manage Africa's resources and increase their profits by taking ____________
__________ of regions in Africa provided an excellent opportunity for newly unified states to compete with the established European powers
AFter being defeated by Germany in 1870, ______ was desperate for a victory. Their pride was at stake
Some people viewed this as a way to open Africa for expanded evangelistic outreach
By the end of the 19th century, almost 6,000 of these traveled to foreign lands under British control
That Europeans were superior to the African race
Many Europeans used this lie to justify colonialism and imperialism
Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Became more popular and offered support for the idea that some people groups were more superior than others
John Africanus Horton
disproved the claims that the black man was racially inferior; his work West African Countries and Peoples; A Vindication of the African Race argued that different stages of civilization had nothing to do with race
Liberia and Ethiopia
By the end of the 3rd phase to control Africa, all but these 2 African states had lost their independence and had become the possession of European powers
Phase One
The phase when Europeans convinced African rulers to sign treaties with a particular European state
King Macemba
This African king of the Yao tribe wrote to the German authorities who pressured him to submit to a treaty; his letter to the Germans basically rejected colonization
Phase Two
During this phase, treaties among European nations - Imperial poweres signed treaties that defined their regions of interest and agreed on boundaries to avoid conflict
Berlin Conference
met in Berlin, Germany in 1885 to divide Africa
Phase Three
Began with the arrival of ships and troops off the coast of African states; the Africans had three broad responses to these unexpected invasions: submission, alliance, and confrontation
became the more restrained form of confrontation; African leaders negotiated with the Europeans to try to maintain as much control of their land as possible
Armed resistance
Muslim rulers were determined not to submit to rule by the infedel Europeans; they offered stiff resistance and died in large numbers
most advanced African forces still used these weapons
Maxim gun
Europeans returned fire with rapid-firing guns such as _______
Samori Ture
established a Muslim empire in West Africa. When the French attempted to take control of his land, he resisted and defeated them in many battles