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What were some Long-Term Causes of the Reformation?
The writings of Erasmus, activities of the Renaissance Popes and the corruption of the church, people were jealous of church because of land ownings, and the printing press allowed word to spread faster.
What was the problem with the Scientific Revolution?
The Church opposed it.
What was the dynasty called that the Mings established?
The Qing Dynasty
What happened when Yongle died?
China when into isolation
What were some of the different forms of Protestantism and where were they located?
Calvanism - Switzerland
Hugenots - France
Presbyterian - Scotland
Anglican - England
Lutheran - Germany
Who started the Reformation?
Martin Luther.
Who succeeded Babur?
What was the Civil Service Exam?
An exam to prove you were able to become a politician(social mobility)
What did Akbar accomplish?
-Established religious toleration.
-flexed taxes during stressful times
What did the word Renaissance mean? Why was this point in time called the Renaissance?
Renaissance means rebirth. It was called this because this time was a rebirth of Greek and Roman ideas.
What were the 5 pillars of Islam?
-Pray 5 times a day
-Recognize the sacred month of Ramadan
-Recognize Allah as god and Muhammad as his prophet
What was Filial Piety?
Family is Essential
need to establish lineage
Loyal to Parents
Loyal/Obedience in Life + Death
What did Legalism teach?
People were naturally bad and harsh laws with swift punishment was needed to keep them in line.
What did the title Renaissance Man mean? What saying went along with this term?
It means your good at everything, but great at nothing. "Jack of all trades, master of none."
Who was Muhammad? Where did he live and what did he do?
Muhammad was the "Last Prophet" sent from Allah. He started the religion of Islam after a vision from the Angel Gabriel in the hills of Mecca.
Who was the 1st Emporer of the Ming Dynasty?
Ming Hongwu
What are the 2 forms of Islam?
Shi'ite and Sunni.
What were some immediate causes of the Reformation?
The posting of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther, his excommunication at the Diet of Worms, and the weakness of Charles V
What is the Caliph.
A secular leader of the Islamic people. Makes both political and religious decisions.
What was Jen(ren)?
Feeling of empathy towards others.
Who founded the Mughal Empire and who were his parents descendants of?
Founded by Babur. His parents were direct descendants of Tamerlane and Ghengis Khan.
What happened to the church as a result of the constant parties of the Renaissance? Give some examples.
The church became corrupt. Vows such as Celibacy were being broken, Absenteeism was occuring, and many others.
What is the difference between the 2?
Sunni is more extreme than Shi'ite. Shi'ites believe that any Muslim can be Caliph.
How many voyages did Zhunge sail?
7 voyages, they were far more profitable than any European voyage to date.
What was Muhammad's journey to Yathrib called, and what was it renamed to after this event?
The journey was the Hegira. After the journey, Yathrib was renamed to Medina.
What kind of architecture was used during the time of the Renaissance/Reformation?
What did Muhammad use to persuade the people of Mecca to convert to Islam?
He returned from Medina with a 10,000 man army.
What were Confucious's 3 main ideas?
Jen(ren), Li, and the 5 key relationships
In what year did Muhammad receive his first vision and create Islam?
The year 622 of the Common Era.
What was the other religion in India besides Islam at the time?
What were the 2 main Arab cities at the time?
Mecca and Yathrib.
What was Li?
The physical action of Jen(ren).
What is the Mandate of Heaven?
A message from heaven giving the ruler the right to rule.
What happens as a result? How long do they stay there?
The British take over. They stay there 300 years.
What were the Jesuits created to do? Who founded the order?
The Jesuits are an initiation program for priests. They were founded by Ignatious Loyola.
What did Ming Hongwu accomplish as Emporer?
Provided Land Reform
Abolished Slavery
Strengthened Central Gov.
Able to Pacify Border Regions
What were the other Schools of Thought?
Legalism and Taoism.
What were some changes the Protestants did away with?
They stopped praying to saints, prayed directly to god, got rid of the vow of Celibacy, and did away with elaborate ceremonies.
What did Taoism state?
That people were good and a government with little rules was nessacary("Hippi" view).
What were Confucious's 5 key relationships?
Father to Children
Husband to Wife
Ruler to Ruled
Old Sibling to Younger Sibling
Friend to Friend
How were women viewed in Ancient China?
They were viewed as a burden, and their dowry as an economic drain.
When did the Renaissance start?
Around 1450
Who took control of Constantinople after the Romans? What did they rename it to?
The Ottoman Empire. They renamed the city to Istanbul, its current name today.
What did Yongle do as Emporer?
Moves Captital from Beijing to Nanjing
Supports naval Voyages of Zhunghe
Who backstabbed the Mings and caused their downfall?
The Manchu's from the Northern border of China.
What were the levels of the Hindu caste system and what did they say caused you to be in that class?
Pirestes, warriors, merchants, commoners, and the untouchables(criminals). It was said that your Kharma(luck) was what determined your place in the caste system.
What did the Ming Dynasty say when the Europeans arrived?
That the European kings were less divine than the Chinese Emporer and that they must bow before him.
What were some of their accomplishments?
Copernicus - Heliocentric view of universe
Galileo - Invented the Telescope
Newton - 3 laws of Physics
Bacon - Scientific Method
Who were the Scientists at the time?
Nicolas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Keppler, Issac Newton, Rere Descartes,and Francis Bacon.
Who was the successor to Ming Hongwu and therefore the next Emporer?
Did the church decide to reform? If so, where?
Yes, this was decided at the Council of Trent.
What did the Scientific Revolution separate?
Natural Law from Divine Law.
What was a result of the Roman Catholic Reformation?
They stopped selling indulgences, reaffirming of all vows, better educated priests, return to scripture.
What were some of the things that were "Reborn" during this time?
Architecture - Dome, Arch and Pillars
Art - Sculptures, pictures of people.
What caused the downfall of the Mughals?
The son had taken away the established religious tolerance, and the empress was draining the empire's funds.
When did the British arrive and who was the emporer of the Mughals at the time.
The British arrived in 1608, when the son of Akbar was sultan.