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If it has been more than 146 days since you submitted an STD and you still have no indication of it being resolved, whom should you contact?


Really high up there Morty

Which supply management document helps to ensure an orderly and continuous flow of repairable items through the various maintenance activities and to ensure the DIFM delinquency rate is held to a minimum?

Repair Cycle Asset Management List (D23)

What block of supply training covers general supply indoctrination subjects

Block 1

When a supply point is being established, who is responsible for providing the necessary space and facilities to store the assets?

Requesting organization

What are some of the various types of security Chambers the government uses to store classified assets?

File cabinets, vaults, and safes to store and secure AF classified assets

In addition to coordinating MX and supply actions and managing supply transactions, what are workcenter supply personnel tasked with doing?

Managing the production of assets in the repair cycle and resolving supply support problems.

What AF IMT must be used when requesting local manufacture of equipment related items?

601, equipment Action request

Temporary high priority mission support kits (THPMSK) are primarily used to provide support for what type of operations?

To support contingency operations for a period less than 90 days

What agency is the collection point for XB3 items coded under PMRP (precious metals)


Which supply management document provides means to monitor and verify that each Due-out is still a valid request

Due-out validation list M30

What is the primary reason for conducting an annual review of all permanent readiness spares packages

To ensure kits are supported with the right size RSP to accomplish the table wartime tasking.

Why was the precious metals recovery program established?

To promote economic recovery of precious metals from excess and surplus materials

For supply assets requiring functional checking, what minimum details should be listed?

NSN, repair shop delivery code, and frequency of functional check

Essentially, what is the originator in the DR process responsible for?

Discovering the deficiency, it's impact, and initiating the report.

How many minutes should supply deliver priority 1 items within.


What is the first character of the urgency justification code?

Urgency of need designator

What are the two options you have available when you receive a defective part from supply.

DR or Supply discrepancy report

How are TNBs arranged

Tail number, serial number, or identification number

If an asset is removed from service for bench checking and it is found that it can't be repaired locally, how should the item be processed.

NRTS, not repairable this station

In addition to clearly identifying items as work order residue, how should you also label items?

With noun, nsn or P/N, unit of issue, shelf life

Who is responsible for ensuring a secure area is provided for transient aircraft on an installation?

Instillation commander

What should a commander do if top secret equipment is installed on ACFT without priority A designator?

Protect it as if it were A, continuous surveillance. Detection system.

What is the purpose of a bench stock?

To provide MX with quick access to items used on a day-to-day basis

What AF IMT must all requesters use when requesting the local manufacture of a specific item?

2005, issue/turn in request

What type of security forces support is normally provided for a fighter acft with a security priority of C?

Security response team and a motorized patrol

How does the listing of items requiring functional checks get updated?

Every six months

What do expedite supply request represent?

An urgent need in order to prevent work stoppage or mission degradation situation

What is used to document items that have been drained or purged?

Afto form 20

Why are TNB storage locations established

To store issued parts awaiting instillation and parts removed to facilitate other MX

What is the primary purpose of precious metals indicator codes

To identify items that were obtained through supply that contain precious metals

What is the definition of peacetime operating stock as it pertains to spares packages

Normal day-to-day assets routinely available in the supply system to support a weapon system

SPRAM assets are codded with what ERRC code?

XD or XF

In a general sense, what are two primary types of readiness spares packages?

Mobility, and in place.

What does the originating point use to submit and track DRs?

Joint deficiency reporting system

What is the support point as it relates to the DR process?

Any activity that assist the action point

What is the primary reference that should be used for HAZMAT spill prevention and response?

Local HAZ response plan

When should an SDR be submitted instead of a DR

When the sole purpose is to get a new item or credit

What form is used to show who has responsibility for handling classified material while it is in a sealed container?

Form 12, accountable container receipt

What is the purpose of a readiness spares package

To provide a prepackaged supply for a specific amount of time during wartime contingency

Expedite customer issue request have a UND code of A or B. What priority is normal assigned to these requests?

01 through 04

Which level in the PR chain is the focal point for receipt and processing of DR

Screening point

What block of supply training must an individual complete to be a primary or alternate equipment custodian?

Block 3

What is the highest priority of expedite request that is used to order parts required for the repair of mission essential equipment?


When a supply point reconciliation is complete, who does the supply point monitor provide results to?

LRS supply point manager

Basically, what is the definition of shelf life items

Any items that expires after a specific amount of time.

Supply personnel are normally listed on what UMD?


Which supply form tells you all details of an item on order?

D18, priority monitor report

What document should be submitted to initially stock and replenish supply point assets?

2005, issue turn in request

What does credit mean when dealing with deficient assets from supply?

An exchange or cost credit provided to customer

What should be done with oarts removed from TNB, but not installed?

Must be turned back in on the same duty day

Repair cycle parts start with an ERRC of?

XD or XF

What two forms can be used instead of a report of survey?

1131, cash voucher. DD 362, statement of charges/cash voucher

What is HAZMAT?

Toxic or flammable substance.

Can bench stock and shop stock be mixed?


Why do Supply Liaisons visit and inspect MX workcenters?

To correct/identify problems in supply support.

What form is used to hand receipt tools?

1297, temporary issue

Who should you contact when trying to modify a backorder, change UJC, or request delivery date?

LRS customer service, or supply Liaison

Who must approve all local manufactured, developed, or modified tools. Not in tech Data

MXG/CC or their representative

What information must be listed on a basic, non-commercial label for a HAZMAT container?

Name, warning or symbol, and safe handling procedure