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Which agency is normally responsible for monitoring the overall maintenance supply interface and resolving supply support problems?

Maintenance supply liaison

Maintenance supply liaison personnel report directly to the commander of the?

Logistics readiness squadron

Which of the following is not normally a maintenance supply liaison duty?

Collecting and turning in expendable, excess, and surplus precious metal bearing assets

The assets in a high priority mission support kit should be transferred into the host base’s Standard Supply System account after how many days?


Which expendability, recoverability, and reparability codes must be assigned to an asset before it can be placed in bench stock?


The goal for bench stock assets is to establish levels to provide how many days of supply?


Provides it is still serviceable, which type of shelf life item are you allowed to inspect and re-mark with a new expiration date?


Who in the maintenance group is responsible for ensuring the capability exists to meet local manufacture requirements?

Maintenance squadrons operations officer/maintenance superintendent

What agency acts as a central repository of engineering drawings and other engineering data?

Engineering data service center

Which is not an obvious sign of pollution ?

Cloudy water

Who is responsible for developing a HAZCOM training plan to notify personnel of all known hazards they may be exposed to in a particular work center?

Section supervisor

Which tag should you use to document a part has been properly drained and/or purged?

AFTO Form 20, Caution tag

Who must appoint an individual to be an equipment account custodian ?

Squadron commande



What form is used to document all report of surveys?

DD Form 200, financial liability, investigation of property loss

Which LRS office accounts for SPARM assets managed on in use detail records?

Equipment liaison office

Unless delegated, who is responsible for reviewing all requests for SPRAM authorizations submitted by SPRAM custodians?

MSG commander

Which precious metals PMIC indicates that an item of supply contains a combination of two or more precious metals?


Which supply tracking document provides information on all document numbers processed during the day?

D04, daily document register

Which supply tracking document is produced daily and lists all back orders parts with an urgency of need code of A?

D18, priority monitor report

Which supply tracking document provides a management product for monitoring issues and bench stock supply support?

M-24 organization effectiveness report

Who must authorize temporary storage of in transit classified material in cargo security cages and alarmed rooms?

Host installation commander

When the aircraft owner or user does not stay with an aircraft which has secret of confidential equipment installed, she/he must arrange for security checks to be accomplished every?

3 hours

Who is the final authority for reviewing a unit list of supply assets requiring functional check, calibration, or operation flight programming ?

LRS Chief Inspector

Who is responsible for determine the appropriate supply delivery priority for a parts request?


Which UJCs are used to show a supply request for bits and pieces to repair a line replaceable unit or shop replaceable unit spare?

AR or BR

Before a supply point can be established and located in a maintenance work area who must maintenance coordinate with ?

LRS material management

Once established how often must supply point accounts he reconciled by the workcenter supply monitor ?

Semi anually

When a mission capable part issues and is placed in the tail number bin supply personnel notify the ?


When the goal is to get a refund or a new item in exchange, what type of deficient report is submitted?

Supply discrepancy report

What has the responsibility for overall DR program management for the submitting organization or group?

Originating point

Who acts as the DR report focal point between the support point and submitting organization ?

Action point

Once a category 1 deficiency is discovered, a deficiency report must be submitted to the screening point within ?

24 hours