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3 types of fuselage constructions?

Truss, monocoque, and semimonocoque

What type of construction does the skin carry the primary stress load?


For what purpose was the semimonocoque type fuselage designed?

To overcome the strength to weight problem of the monocoque construction

What type of material is used in the construction of the semimonocoque fuselage?

Aluminium alloy

Which members of the semimonocoque fuselage are the longest and strongest?


What function do the stringers serve in a semimonocoque construction serve?

Providing cross sectional strength to the fuselage and attachment points for the skin

What factors determine the design of the aircraft's wings?

Size, weight, airspeed, required rate of climb and mission

What kind of wing design do most military aircraft use?

Cantilever made of aluminium alloy

What is meant by the term positive dihedral wing?

The wings are angled upwards

The units or components may be included as part of an aircraft empennage?

The aft end of the fuselage on most aircraft may also include a horizontal or vertical stabiliser, rudders, elevators, and trim tabs

What is the purpose of the vertical stabiliser?

Maintain directional stability about the vertical axis and is the attachment point for the rudder

In addition to the primary flight control surfaces, what are 2 other types of flight control surfaces?

Secondary and auxiliary

What is the function of primary flight controls?

Control the directional movement about the various axis of an aircraft

Where are the ailerons located on the aircraft?

On the trailing edge near the wing tip

What is the purpose of the rudder?

Control the movement of the aircraft about the vertical axis

What purpose do the trim tabs serve?

Secondary flight controls that aid primary flight controls by correcting any unbalanced condition in flight

2 examples of auxiliary flight controls?

Flaps and spoilers

What is the purpose of the aircraft landing gear?

Support the aircraft during landing resting and moving on the ground. It also aids in steering and braking on the ground

Depending on the aircraft, how may the landing gear be extended or retracted?

Electrically, mechanically, or hydraulically

What increases an aircraft's ability to survive?

The ability to defeat detection

What major stealth technology advancement occurred in the late 70's?

Advanced composite materials that aid in stealth

Regarding grip length, what is the ideal installation of a nut and bolt assembly?

A few thousandths of an inch shorter than the thickness of the material being joined

How are special bolts normally identified?

The letter S stamped on their head

What 3 factors help maintenance personnel identify the size of the bolt?

Length width and threads per inch

Where are hex head bolts normally used?

Where heavy tension or lengthwise stresses must be suatained

What type of bolt is made of high strength steel and is used primarily in high tensile high fatigue strength applications?

12 point external wrenching

Two primary categories of nuts?

Self locking and non self locking

3 features of a self locking type nut?

1. Require no external locking device

2. Designed to withstand extreme vibration

3. Used to attach anti friction bearings, pulleys, accessories, and anchor nuts around inspection holes

How many threads must extend through the finer of the self locking nut?


What hardware item is used with screws and bolts whenever the self locking or castellated nut is not used?

Lock washers

What is the most common form of threaded fastener used on an aircraft?


When would a flat head screw be used?

Counter sunk holes where a flush surface is required

What type of screws are designed for electrical use?

Round head

What is the most common type of rivet used for fastening aircraft structures?

Solid shank rivet

From what materials may solid shank rivets be made?

Generally from aluminium alloys, can also be made from corrosion resistant steel, mild steel, titanium, iron or copper

What type of rivet is used in the interior of aircraft where a flush surface isn't necessary?

Brazier head

What rivets are used on the outside wing structure where a smooth, aerodynamic surface is desired?

Counter sunk

What type of areas would require the installation of a jo-bolt?

Where access to one side of the work is impossible

What is a hi-lok fastener?

High strength threaded fastener that combines the best parts of a rivet and bolt

What are some common uses of tubing on aircraft?

Transport fuel, coolant, oil, breathing oxygen, and hydro. Also for electrical conduits and vent ducts

Advantages of aluminium alloy tubing over copper tubing

Lighter weight, ease of forming, and resistant to corrosion

What type of tubing is suitable for use in a high pressure system?

Stainless steel

What type tubing is most widely used for general-purpose applications?

Aluminium alloy

What impact would chafing have on tubing?

Reduce ability to withstand pressure

4 areas of the aircraft susceptible to chafing?

1. Dry bay area's

2. Wheel well

3. Component parts

4. Integral fuel tanks

At what aircraft locations would flexible hose be used?

Where a lot of vibration occurs or where flexibility is required

What are 3 types of couplings commonly used on aircraft fuel systems?

1. Quick disconnect

2. V Band

3. Wiggins

Advantages of QD couplings?

Ease and speed of connecting/disconnecting plumbing systems

What type of V Band coupling requires the installation of safety wire as an added safety measure?


What component of a Wiggins coupling provides a sealing action?


Where does metal corrosion begin?

On the surface of metals

What effect can paint coatings have on the initial stages of corrosion?

They can hide them

3 degrees of corrosion?

Light, moderate, and severe

How is light corrosion identified?

The protective coating is scarred or etched. There is discolouration and pitting to a depth of about 1 mm

What type corrosion is normally removed by extensive hand sanding or light mechanical sanding?


How is severe corrosion damage removed?

Extensive mechanical sanding or grinding