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Name three types of screwdrivers

Common offset and Crosspoint

three common types of pliers

Diagonal cutting long nose and slip joint

name five types of punches

Center prick starting pin and drift

What tools are used to loosen tight fitting pins

drift / alignment and starting punches

Five common types of wrenches

Open end adjustable box end socket and Allen

What tool is used to tighten a Wiggins coupling

What type spanner wrench

What type torque wrench has a preset torque

T handle

What do you do before using a drill to bore a hole

Use a center punch to mark

What purpose is the pneumatic buffer used 4

Buff lightweight fuel cells

What controls the thickness of the fillet during application

Size of nozzle

What do you do to prevent the buildup of static electricity when using a Pneumatic tool

Bond the tool and used a static discharge plate

What type of Stitcher is used to apply patches on thin cells

Roller stitcher

What is the vertical offset Stitcher used for

install cell patches in confined

Two purposes of a water manometer

release excess pressure and pressure gauge

Why must both connections of the water manometer be unplugged

Prevent over pressurization

What do you inspect before using a water manometer

Pressure connections for obstruction, manometer hose for obstructions, manometer fluid level, and T O to determine Max Pressure

What button turns on the PID


How long should you sample each area of a tank

1 minute

When inspecting the PID what is the first thing you should check

Calibration date

Bonding meter purpose

check to see if parts are bonded

How does the bonding meter conserve battery power

Built in timer

Which air compressor is designed for continuous operation up to 3500 PSI


It's an MC - 1 a air compressor is used as a source of breathing air, what items must be installed and used on it?

Air filter and regulator

What air compressor is commonly used to supply air pressure for the operation of pneumatic tools

MC-2A LO-pac

MC_2A max air pressure

200 psi

purpose of explosion-proof pneumatic vacuum

Eliminate a residual fuel

What part of explosion-proof Vacuum cannot be modified

The hose

What two heaters are authorized for use inside the fuel system repair area?

HDU-13/M and rapid curing device

Purpose of HDU-13/M?

Provide heated air, ventilate air, cure sealant

Operating temperature of HDU-13/m?


What heater is not that splosion proof and must remain outside the repair area


What's the max air pressure of a Pneumatic powered blower if it is to be used for more than three hours?

22 PSI

How do you ensure a Pneumatic blower is adequately lubricated

1/2 oz of 10 weight oil after every day of use

What is minimum length of air hose for air pump to the respirators?

50 ft