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Henry Clay
1) lawyer from Kentucky, became a leader of the House of Representatives 2) Created Clay's American System 3) Designed the Missouri Compromise 4) Defended Aaron Burr in a case
John Marshall
1) Chief of Justice in the supreme court 2) called "Marshall Court" 3) "The power to tax is the power to destroy" 4) Many landmark cases "Fletcher VS Deck; McColloh VS Maryland"
Tariff of 1816
1) Lowers price of American goods so people won't buy them from other countries 2) designed to keep people buying us goods 3) passed for economic protection 4) most Americans supported it
Panic of 1819
1) minor depression 2) first major financial crisis in the us 3) the second BUS caused it because they lowered the credit limit 4) people borrowed and couldn't pay back
Hartford Convention
1) December 1819 2) Federalists threaten to cecede the union 3) they felt they weren't being heard by the government 4) Federalists are mad at the government for going to war
McCulloch VS Maryland
1) Supreme court gives the US power of having a BUS 2) States cannot tax federal institutions 3) Says federal government is more important than states 4) says the BUS follows under the "necessary and proper clause"
Missouri Compromise
1) Written by Henry Clay 2) Says Missouri cab be a slave state 3) Added Maine as a free state to keep blanace 4) any territory above 36°30 will be free and below will be a slave state
Indian Removal Act
1) Happened in 1830 2) Removes Indians from the East 3) Within 5 years most tribes moves by choice or forcibly 4) in 1838 US army moves 15009 cherokees from Georgia (on the trail of tears)
Lowell System
1) this mill was the 1st of its kind to hire women 2) lived in firms with other women 3) worked 13 hours a day, 6 days/week 4) there was no minimum wage and you could get fired if you were injured
Trail of Tears
1) After the Indian removal act happened this happened 2) many Indians were forcibly moved westward from their territory 3) many people as well as n/a's were devastated by this 4) many n/a's died
1) loyalty to one's particular state or region 2) split up between North, South, and West 3) because of sectionalism, the gap between rich and poor widens 4) Economy begins to get better especially in south
Tariff of Abominations
1) aka Tariff of 1828 2) Passing this tariff hurt farmers because people now don't buy farmers product but what's cheaper 3) farmers prices go down BC of overstock 4) Passed by John Quincy Adams when he was president
Andrew Jackson
1) First president elected w/o having received higher education 2) Seen as a symbol of the working class/common man 3) Feels being frugal is important 4) has a cabinet and a "kitchen cabinet" consisting of his friends who he consulted more than the real deal
John C. Calhoun
1) was Andrew Jackson's VP 2) resigned because of the Peggy Eaton affair 3) Martin VanBuren took his place as VP 4) Dictated the SC nullification effort
Panic of 1837
1) Was an effect of Jackson killing the BUS 2) All $$ that would normally go to the BUS goes to each state 3) this makes worth of money down and prices go up 4) Martin Van Buren's whole presidency was in this presidency