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What state reentered the union in 1868
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, louisiana, N and s carolina
Physical and ecomomic conditions
resoures were destoryed, lost on average 15000 dollars in the south
1/5 white males died
white southerners who joined the Republican party
Norhterners who moved to the south to expliot the southerns
Afican american votes
90 percent turn out
the south treated the northers
lincolns assasignation was
a conspiracy involing 5-40 people
The Northern ecnomy
Grew as a result of the civil war and reconstruction becaus e they cou8ld build many of the good that were needed to rebuild the south
Radical Republicans
wanted harsh rules for the south led by Thaddeus Stevens
10% plan
if 10% of the souths population was loyal it was a state
black codes
severly limited afican americans lives
fouteenth amendemnt fiftinth amendment
allowed the African Americans to be citizens and the right to vote, disallowed confederate leaders from holding political offices
Freedmens bureau
helped free salves with eucation and medication
Reconstruction act of 1867
abolished goverment formed in the former confed states; divided those staes into five mmilltary discts
foramly charge him of wrong doing