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Alfred Thayer Mahan
worte a book entitled The Influence of Sea Power Upon History which suggested that the united states should:
a) build up a powerful navy
b)make a canal across panama
c)have U.S dominance in the Caribbean
d)control the samoan and hawaiin islands
Theodore Roosevelt
The Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President McKinley, who wanted to create a roudy group known as "The Rough Riders". He resigned from his position in order to serve in the Spanish-American War
Queen Liliuokalin
the queen of hawaii who tried to shake off the control of the American settlers and restore royal indigionous rights that her poeple had; was later overthrown by the American settlers
Valeriano Weyler
The rutheless Spanish general who Spain sent over to put down the rowdy civilians: would put Cubans in concentration camps and torture rebels, as well as innocent civilians
Yellow Press
The United States newspapers that would exaggerate the news in order to run emotions high for the American people in order to sell more papers; a long term effect for the Mexican-American War
Joseph Pulizer
a hungurain immigrant who built a circulation by championing the interests of American aristocracy and printing sensational stories--he would invent the news if he couldn't get something really good: worte for The New York World
William Randolph Hearst
a competitive journalist who wrote for The New York Journal
William McKinley
elected on the ticket of protecting american people eand freeing the cuban people; hesitated about the spanish-american war and recieved much criticism about his lack of drive
DeLome Letter
written by the spanish ambassador to America; had negative aspects in it about William McKinly; one of the reasons for the spanish-american war
U.S.S. Maine
the united states warship that was parked in havana harbor until April 15th, when it exploded; the reasons are unknown: sparked the Spanish-American war
George Dewey
The Commodore who Teddy Roosevelt commanded to be ready to attack the Filipinos
Rough Riders
The group that Teddy Rooselvelt named himself lieutenant of; cowboys, sherrifs, desperados, and polo players to arrive in cuba.
Emilio Aguinaldo
The man who the Filipino people named as their president when they thought that the United States was on their side: after they realized that America was not, he helped lead the revolution
Teller Amendment
pledged that America will not exercise sovereingty over Cuba; would leave the Cubans alone to rule themselves