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A shifting frontier - Sioux
Largly a settled tribe. Best Calvalry out there. Subde tribes in the West
Manifest Destiny
Obvious Destiny. No Debate.
Republic of Mexico - 1824
Not many people wanted to settle in Texas, so they found Americans who wish to settle there
Stephen F. Austin
recruits settlers and moves into Texas.
Lone Star Republic - 1836
legalized slavery, When they sign up they will be Mexican. Couldnt be slaves, must become catholic
Sam Houston
George Washington of Texas. Defeated at the Alamo
San Jacinto
Texas wins and gets Independence. Mexicans were having a party, when they were asleep they got em.
Cyrus McCormik
Created Wheat Reaper
The Oregon Trail
Natives let Americans Move through here to get out of the area
Mormons - Deseret
Migrate West, mostly at gun point. Encouraged to move.
Forty- Niners
name for miners. They make money then take it home to their famileis
Calfornia Gold Rush
Minor Society
rough and tuble. No law and order.
San Francisco
hug city of gold mining.
John Tyler - 1840
Presdency was controversial, no on trusts him. Man without a party. Pushes to bring Texas in because of Southern Vote.
James K. Polk - 1844
Jumped on the band wagon, gets elected and now Texas will be a state. Polk is the poster child for Manifest Destiny.
Polk and Mexico
Polk provokes war with Mexico, Wants to Expand Slavery.
War with Mexico
General Zachary Taylor - Mexicans cross the Rio Grande and now invaded US. American Troops win almost every battle
Treat of Guadeloupe
The Americans get the northern half of Mexico. 51% of Mexico.
Wilmot Proviso
Provision, tried to add an amendment with the treaty of Mexico. Would bar slavery in the new terriotry.
Compromise of 1850
Henry Clay - California will be a free state. The other new land, there is not restriction on slavery. Prohibits slave trade in Washington D.C.
Fugitive Slave Act
Requires every American to be a slave hunter. Bound by law to look for slaves.
Franklin Pierce - Gadsen Purchase
southern party of New Mexico and Arizona purchased because they wanted the Transcontinental Railroad.
Uncle Toms Cabin
Written by Harriat Beacher Stowe.
Popular Soveriegnty
Let the people in the territory vote if they want slaves or not.
Stephen Douglas
senator called the Little Giant. Wants to be president. helped hug growth around Chicago. Wants the Transcontinental Railroad there.
President Pierce and slavery
wants the country to vote whether they want the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Splits the country in half.
Missouri Compromise Broken
Slavery now possible above Arkansas.
Brooks - Sumner Incident
Sumner is a Mass. Senator condemns slavery, S.C. in particular. Brooks is a Rep from South Carolina beats Sumner uncouncious and leaves.
Republican Party
made up of ex Whigs and ex Democrats, People in the North. Formed pure opposition to slavery. Want to contain slavery not end it.
James Buchanen - 1856
Elected president as a Democrat. Was not tainted by his comments because he was in London while the Kansas - NEbraska Act went on.
Dred Scott Decision - 1857
slave. his master lived in Illinois, a free state. Sues his master because he should be free if so. Chief Justice is pro slavery so says he is not a free man because he is black and does not have the right to be free.
Panic of 1857 - King Cotton
Panic hits in the North, but King Cotton is stil flourished in the South.
Lincoln - Douglas Debates
Lincoln Wants to contain slavery not abolish it. Debate each other over this.
Harpers Ferry - 1859
Federalist arsenal. John Brown was trying to sieze weapons to give to slaves to rebel. goest to trial and is hanged in Virginia
John Brown
aboloitionist that tried to free the slaves at HArpers Ferry
Election of Lincoln is the final straw. S.C. leaves the US
Confederate States of America
Similar to the Articles of Confederation. dont want a strong central government. Want states to have the power.
Jefferson Davis
Only President of the CSA
Fort Sumter - South Carolina
Does not surrender. Confederate forces fire on the Fort. War begins
April 12, 1861
Day the Civil War begins.
Lincoln and Maryland
Lincoln fights to keep Maryland in the Union to have cover over the capital.
Robert E. Lee
offered the US Army general job. Turned it down because he did not want to wage war against his own state.