Slavery Was The Principal Cause Of The Civil War Analysis

It has been discussed fervently in many occasions whether slavery was the principal cause of the American civil war, also known as the Secession war. A bloody rift that took place from 1861 to 1865 in the United States of America and that divided the nation in two opposite parts each one defending an ideology clearly opposed to the other’s, affecting at the same time the economic, political and social structures of the nation. Well, was the question of slavery at the heart of that ideological dispute which drove a whole nation to division and war? To determine that it is necessary …show more content…
The Republican Party, supporting the anti-slavery ideal had as candidate Abraham Lincoln. While the Northern democrats focused more into extending the concept of popular sovereignty to the territories, the Southern (democrats) where more focused into the protection of what was the main base of their wealthy economy and style of life: Slavery; Neutral, or not agreeing with the two parties, were the constitutional party that called for a compromise of the issue of slavery in order to save the union and the constitution . Gaining a considerable majority in the Electoral College, Lincoln did not get a single vote from the Southern states which had no intention of giving up slavery. An eventual conflict was being more and more evident through the possibility of Lincoln winning the elections, which for the Southerners meant literally the end of Slavery; indeed, after the election of Lincoln comes the Secession. War was inevitable. Although the North and the South were already two different countries, The North Kept Control of two fords located in Southern territories: Fort Pickens and Fort Sumter. In a trial of Lincoln to resupply Fort Sumter the Southerners interpreted an act of provocation, an act of war, and indeed, so was it done, the confederates attacked Fort Sumter. The civil war had

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