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Empress of the blues
Bessie Smith
the little tramp
charlie chaplin
author who best captured the spirit of the 1920s
F. Scott Fitzgerald
America's sweetheart
Mary Pickford
composed "Rhapsody in blue" and "Porgy and Bess"
George Gershwin
stocks and bonds
won the 1928 presidential election
Herbert hoover
actress whose carreer spanned 75 years
Lilian Gish
The securities and exchange comission was created to
regulate the stock exchange
the decline of foreign trade was brought on by
america's high tarrif prices
the major health problem among children during the Great Depression
how did farmers take up matters into their own hands in order to drive up prices for farm goods?
they refused to send things to the market, and even set up road blocks and stood there with pitchforks
what was was the concrete evidence that came to light in the early 1940s if widespread malnutrition of young boys during the Great Depression?
when the young men went for their physical to fight in WWII 40% of them failed
why did bankrupt farmers and laid-off lumbermen set forest fires in Washington state?
so they would be hired to put them out
who was the democratic candidate for president in 1928
Al Smith
what was the major strike against Al Smith for president?
he was catholic
what did one little girl reply to the teacher when she suggested she go home to get something to eat?
i can't. it's my sister's day to eat
who was the "Great Lover" who made millions of women swoon while viewing "The Sheik"?
Rudolph Valentino
the colonies of shacks built up by people who lost their homes when they couldn't make their mortgage or rent payments were called
how would men seeking a job in NYC save from having to rent a room at night?
they would pay %0.15-0.20 and ride the subway all night. then they'd wash up in public restrooms
when people would order a cup of coffee, what else would they order and why?
a cup of hot water.
they would add ketchup in it and make a tomato-like soup
what was the most popular jazz club in Harlem?
cotton club
how did Simnclair Lewis characterize small towns in Mainstreet?
boring, dull, closeminded
what was the first radio station to broadcast in 1920?
what was the date of the stock market crash?
october 29, 1929
list 4 causes of the Great Depression
1. tarrifs were too high
2. overproduction of goods
3. bamks ran low on money
4. uneven distribution of income
in 1932 farmers' average income was less than ____ of what it had been in 1929
fraternity men would compete to see how many
live goldfish they could swallow
what kind of puzzles were popular during the 1920s?
who was the "It Girl"?
Clara Bow
what was the repeublican campaign slogan in 1928?
a chicken in every pot, two cars in every garage
who wrote For whom rhe Bell Tolls, The Old man and the sea and A farewell to arms?
What contest was a test of endurance for couples?
Dance marathon
what card game was popular