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situation where there is equal cash flow occurring at equal intervals for a fixed period of time


A promissory not to repay a certain amount of money at some future point

Capital Gain

Taxable income that occurs when an asset is sold for more than it originally cost

Compound interest

interest earned on interest added to an account


process of investing multiple investments to minimize risks


distribution of cash to shareholders

Earned interest

amount of money earned on interest bearing accounts or other investments


ownership of something (business, account, home, car)

IRA individual retirement account

type of savings account created by the gov to encourage people to save for retirement


increased cost of living


price the borrower pays a creditor for the use of money over a period of time


something acquired with the goal of saving money

investment risk

uncertainty of return of investment

market value

current quoted price at which investors buy or sell a share of common stock or a bond at a given time

money market

type of deposit account that has features of a checking and savings account

mutual fund

sells share to investors in order to collect a pool of money that is then used to buy various investments

personal risk

exposure to risk of loss


total amount of money originally invested or loaned

rate of return

gain or loss on an investment over a specific period of time

rule of 72

amount of time it takes your money to double

simple interest

interest earned only on the original amount


share of ownership in a company


individual that holds stock in a company

stock broker

agent that charges fee for handling assets

time value of money

money received today and how much it will be worth in the future

70/20/10 rule

70% of income is spent 20% is saved and 10% is invested