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Why did President Jefferson want treaties with the Indians?
He hoped to accomplish tying the Indian Nations to the U.S.
Are treaties still legally binding today?
The tribes located in the Indian Territory were the 5 civilized tribes and what original tribes? Name 2
Osage & Western Cherokee
Name the earliest fort in OK?
Fort Gibson
Name the fort now in Arkansas?
Fort Smith
Why were the Five Civilized Tribes called civilized?
They wanted to do nothing, keep quiet and comply with their treaties
What president is responsible for the Trail of Tears and removal?
Andrew Jackson
Who was John Ross?
Cherokee chief
Who was Sequoyah?
Inventor of the Cherokee alphabet
What act moved the Indians?
The Indian Removal Act of 1830
Name 3 reasons why the removal was so bad?
Many Indians died, rebellion, and weather
What happened in the law case Worcester vs. Georgia?
It was appealed by the Court in 1832 but Jackson ignored it
Name the 3 causes of the Mexican-American war
Slavery, religion, settlement by Americans
Who won the Mexican-American war?
What destroyed many of the buffalo?
Fur, traders, white hunters
What were the "golden years"
The period b/w the removal of the Indians
Which of the 5 Civilized tribes had the worst time rebuilding?
Give 4 reasons why the US neded to expand west
Population expanded due to high birth rate
Define Imperialism
expanding a country's power over another country
Define manifest destiny
Americans' desire to gain new land and to spread their beliefs and idealism
Is imperialism and manifest destiny the same?
What was the Great American Desert?
Indian Territory
What was the best method of transportation during this time period?
Describe the South.
They were grey uniforms, they were called the Confederate, nicknamed rebels, President was Jefferson Davis, major general Robert E. Lee, fighting for slaves, major industry was cotton, lost the war
Describe the North.
They were blue uniforms, called the Union, nicknamed the Yankees, President was Abe Lincoln, major general Grant, fighting for peace, major industry was agriculture, won the war
Who was Stand Watie?
He was the last to do what?
a leader of the Cherokee Nation
He was the last to lay down his arms
Which side did the Native Americans sign up with during the war?
Name 5 battles in Indian Territory,
Cabin Creek
Honey Springs (most important)
Round Mountain (first)
Middle Boggy
Who were the buffalo soldiers?
the black troops of the 10th Cavalry
What are states' rights?
the principle that the rights and responsibilities of the states should take precedence over the rights and responsibilities of the federal government
What is a current event involving states' rights?
Executing a man
If you lived back then, and had to choose to fight in the Civil War, which side would you have fought on and why?
South, because the Native Americans had a chance to get their homes back
Define neutral
to not take sides in a disagreement
Who was Opothleyahola?
spokesperson for Upper Creek Council
What happened on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House?
Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant, ending the Civil War
When were the Five Civilized Tribes Removals?
When was the Civil War?