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Type I Facility

Jail no longer than 96 hours. Ex Chula Vista

Type II Facility

County Jail

Type III Facility


Type IV Facility

Work Furlough. PC 1208

Article 15 - 1280

Policies and Procedures must be made for cleaning jails.

PC 6030

Minimum standards for jails and supplies by board of corrections

Title 15 - 1065

3 hours of exercise power week

Title 15 - 1067

Minimum standards for phone calls

PC 851.5

3 free calls in first 3 hours after booking

Title 15 - 1069

New inmate orientation

Article 15 - 1080-1083

Discipline procedures, types of discipline, and

PC 4019.5 (1084)

Inmates cannot punish other inmates

major discipline

Lockdown no more than 72 hours, isolation no more than 10 days

Title 15 - 1073

Inmate grievance procedures (title 15 issues)

Article 13 - 1260

Clean socks, outer garments, underwear

Section 1261

Special clothing for workers, kitchen etc.

section 1262

Clothing exchange. 2x a week for inner wear (workers everyday)

Section 1270 & 1271

Bedding. 1 mattress, sheet, towel, blanket. Changed once a week.

section 1265

Hygiene pack issued after 24 hours


Talking a lot


Sets medical standards in jails

Safe environment

Blanket and garment. Safety cell, med isolation, enhanced modules

PC 1368

To determine competency

PC 1370

Felony State Hospital

PC 1372

Competent to stand trial

PC 1026

Not guilty cuz insanity


As condition of parole

Pc 4011.6

Court ordered evaluation

PC 4011.6

Emergency evaluating psych


Inmate safety housing, all but sbdf and emrf

Section 1208

Access to treatment

Red id

36 months

Blue id

18 months

Yellow id

12 months

White id

6 months