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What are the anterior dislocation associated bony abnormalities
What are the posterior should dislocation associated bony abnormalities
trough sign
light bulb sign
What is more common; anterior or inferior should dislocations
anterior (96%)
What percent of pts with anterior dislocation have a recurrence
What is the mechanism of an anterior shoulder dislocation
external rotaion and abduction
What is a potential complication of an anterior shoulder dislocation
axillary nerve damage
Where does the humeral head go in a anterior dislocaton
under the coracoid process (also known as subcoracoid dislocations)
On frontal plain film look for the glenoid and the humeral head will be medial and inferior to the glenoid
What is the cause of a hills sachs deformity
results from impaction of the posterior lateral surface of the humerus on the anterior rim of glenoid
What percent of pts with anterior shoulder dislocations result in hill sachs defects
What is a bankart fracture
this is a fracture of the anterior glenoid rim
What are 3 plain films images used to look at a shoulder dislocation
frontal, axillary and Y-view
What is a Y-view
a lateral view of the scapula (you can tell bc the coracoid and the acromion and scapula body form a Y)
Where is the humeral head located on a Y view of the shoulder
centered inbetween the acromion and coracoid and slightly inferior
Where is an anterior dislocation located on a Y-view of the scapula
inferior to the coracoid
What does an axillary view of the shoulder look like
it is like a axillary CT cut through the shoulder
What is anterior the acromion or coracoid?
coracoid process
What does an anterior dislocation look like on an axillary plain view of the shoulder
it is anterior to the glenoid and superimposed on the coracoid
What does a hills sachs deformity look like on a frontal of the shoulder
it looks like someone took a bite out of the lateral aspect of the humeral head
Do posterior dislocations of the shoulder ever go unrecognized
yes, 50% of the time (frontal view is not sensitive)
What views are typically required to diagnose a posterior dislocation
y-view, axillary or trans-thoracic lateral
What is the mechanism of a posterior shoulder dislocation
axial load on an adducted and internally rotated arm
What are common causes of a posterior shoulder dislocation
convulsion disorder
electroshock therapy
What are the imaging findings of a posterior dislocation
under the acromion
What is the light bulb sign
this is the result of the humeral head being fixed in a internal rotation and the humeral head looks like a light bulb no matter what view
What is the trough sign
a fracture along the anteromedial aspect of the humeral head
What is the causes of the trough sign
the result of the humeral head hitting the posterior rim of the glenoid
Can an inferior dislocation of the shoulder occur
What is another name for inferior dislocation of the shoulder
luxatio erecta
What is the mechanism of an inferior dislocation of the shoulder
What complications are associated with inferior shoulder dislocation
rotator cuff tear
axillary nerve damage
fracture of acromion
What percent of pts with an inferior shoulder dislocation have rotator cuff tears
What happens to the humeral head in a inferior shoulder dislocation
it rotates so the articular surface faces inferiorly
What is a clinical sign of an inferior shoulder dislocation
extremity is held over head and can be lowered
Where is the humeral head in relation to the glenoid fossa in an inferior shoulder dislocation
inferior to the glenoid