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What is another name for a Central Venous Catheter?

Hickman Catheter

Where is a CVC inserted?

Subclavian or Jugular Vein

How long is a CVC?

2-3 mm

Where does the tip of a CVC go in reference to inside the body? What does the tip look like?

It reaches the superior vena cava and the tip of the CVC is radiopaque so that it shows up on placement x-rays.

What is the purpose of a CVC?

It has direct vascular access so that the doctor can use stronger and/or more toxic medication without causing damage to the vessels (hands/arms).

What does PICC stand for?

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter

Where is the insertion place of a PICC line? Where does it go within the body?

The PICC line is inserted in the arm, and reaches the super vena cava within the body just like a CVC.

How long can a CVC be kept in?

Up to 12 months

How long can a PICC line be kept in?

Usually 3-6 months (shorter duration than a CVC)

What is the range of length for a PICC line?

25-60 cm depending on the length of the patient's arm

What is the purpose of a PICC line?

To give medication to patients that is too strong for the GI system. Examples: Dialysis or Lyme's Disease Patients

What kind of tube/line is the hardest to see of an x-ray and what do you do to the technique to help see it better?

PICC line:

Use 75-80 kVp and higher mAs to create short scale of contrast.

What line/tube has 3 ports? What is it's other name?

Triple Lumen or Swan Ganz

Compare the length of a Swan Ganz line to a CVC.

The Swan Ganz is longer than the CVC.

What is the purpose of a Triple Lumen/Swan Ganz?

Measures arterial pressure (generally), pulmonary artery pressure (specifically), and cardiac output.

Where can a Triple Lumen be placed?

Jugular, Femoral, or Subclavian Vein

How can you measure stress of the heart by using a Triple Lumen line?

Inject an agent into the line to create a stressor on the heart and see how it reacts by measuring the output.

What is the technical name for a NG Tube?

Nasogastric Tube

What is the purpose of a NG tube?

To suction out gastric content.

Where is an NG tube inserted and located within the body?

Inserted in the nose, and ends up in the stomach/duodenum

What is the technical name for an ET tube?

Endotracheal Tube

What is the purpose of an ET tube?

It is a stiff, thick wall that maintains an open airway (ventilator)

Where is the location of the ET tube internally for an adult and neonate?

Adult : 1-2" above carina

Neonate : T4

When taking an x-ray for an ET tube how should you position the patient?

Face forward, & make sure the patient's head is straight up and down.

What does PEG stand for?

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy Tube

(Feeding Tube)

Where is a PEG tube inserted?

It is inserted into the stomach, and the tip of it exits through the abdomen.

What is the purpose of a PEG tube?

It is used for nutrition when you need to bypass a patient's esophagus or stomach and go directly into the GI system.

What is atelectasis?

Full or partial collapsing of the lung(s)

What is bronchitis?

Mucus in the bronchi of the lungs causing inflammation

What is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease -

hyper-dialation (asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc)

What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Overproduction of secretions in the body - usually don't live past 30 (roughly). Results in "clubbing" of the digits. Genetic.

What is Emphysema?

Destruction to the alveoli (rupture). Air becomes trapped in the lungs and therefore the patient has a barrel-shaped appearance.

What is Pleural Effusion?

The accumulation of fluid within the lung field.

What is Pulmonary Edema?

Heart does not pump accurately (vascular disease)

What is RDS?

Respiratory Distress Syndrome - The capillaries burst which cause permanent damage and bleed into the lungs.

What is TB (tuberculosis)?

A virus that causes damage to the lung tissue. Contagious.