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Who were the 'big three' who led the talks at Versailles?

France - Georges Clemenceau (French PM)

Britain - David Lloyd George (British PM)

America - Woodrow Wilson (US President)

The 'big three' were all countries that had fought against Germany.

Who came up with the Fourteen Points?

Woodrow Wilson came up with the Fourteen Points in January 1918.

The person who came up with the points was part of the 'big three'.

Which area of Germany was demilitarised?

The Rhineland was demilitarised - Germany wasn't allowed to have troops there as it was close enough to invade France and Belgium from.

Think about what country didn't feel safe about being close to Germany and subsequently made them demilitarise in the area by their borders.

What was Article 231 of the Versailles Treaty?

Article 231 of the treaty said Germany had to take the blame for the war - the War-Guilt Clause

Article 231 is the reason why Germany was in a diktat with the 'big three'.

How much was Germany expected to pay in damages?

What were the payments called?

Germany was forced to pay £6.6 billion.

These payments were called reparations.

What were 'mandates'?

Areas around the world that used to belong to Germany were now called mandates.

This question is about land.

Give three reasons why the Treaty of Versailles could be seen as fair.

1)The war had caused so much death and damage.

2)Germany had to be weaker so it couldn't go to war again.

3)People in France and Britain wanted revenge.

Give three reasons why the Treaty of Versailles could be seen as too harsh.

1)Germany were left weak and resentful

2)Wouldn't help rebuild European wealth.

3)Peacemakers faced pressure from people at home

Explain why the Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles.

Couldn't afford reparations/Suffered an economic crisis.

Lost industrial areas and couldn't rebuild

Lost pride without armed forces and being the only one to disarm

Didn't accept defeat or the guilt for starting the war.

Name the other treaties which followed Versailles. Write briefly what each one did.

St. Germain 1919- Separated Austria from Hungary/Stopped Austria joining Germany/Took land away

Trianon 1920- Took land away/Made Hungary reduce it's army

Sevres 1920- Lost land/Turkey lost control of the Black Sea

These treaties included the countries Austria, Hungary and Turkey.