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Phosphorus Pentachloride

Reacts violently (steamy Fumes) with alcohol

Test for OH groups

Cloudy of HCl

Hydrogen Bromide

Treat with KBr and conc H2SO4

Produces hydrobromic acid in beaker

Phosphorus and Iodine

Mix damp red phosphorus and iodine produces phosphorus triiodide

Then reacts with alcohol to form iodioalkane and phosphorus acid


K2Cr2O7 Orange to Green

Aldehyde Test

Fehlings blue to orange


A series, neutral or positive, that bond to an electron rich site in a molecule. If accepted, a covalent bond is formed

Add H2 to an alkene

Nickle catalyst

Unsaturated Alkene Test

Red-Brown to colourless

Alkene and steam

With a phosphoric acid catalyst

Alkene + steam = alcohol

Oxidation of double bond

Alkene added to potassium permanganate (KMnO4).

Purple --> Colouress + brown percipitate

Incomplete combustion

H2 isn't produced

MMarkownikoff Law

Carbons with more H+ get the other H+ in a hydrogen halide + alkene

Substitution Reaction

One atom or group is replaced by a different atom or group