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Ram bar chisel

Shear bolts, shear rivets, break door knobs, forcible entry, purchase point

Pick head axe

Cutting, prying, purchase point

Chicago door opener

Search tool, forcible entry


purchase point on roof, breaking pad locks, door locks, trunk locks, popping a door,

Flat head axe

Cutting, striking, forcible entry

Claw bar

remove nails, stripping small pieces of wood

Crow bar

Light Prying and light lifting

Healer bar

Heavy prying, heavy lifting,

High rise battering ram (4 small handle)

Breech doors and walls

Trap door spreaders

Single use, holds door open, prevent people from falling in to trap door

Awning Wrench

Single Use Open/close Awning

Bolt cutter

Cut chain link fence , Locks

Pike Pole

Fishing victims, corgated metal walls

Halligan Hook

Removes scuttle covers, skylights, Pry security bars

Ceiling Hook

Pull ceiling, Breech walls, Sound RoOF / Floor

Diamond Head Chisel

Cut light metal, puncturing sheet metal

Backing out punch

Backing out bolts and Rivot, Deadlight

cutting out chisel

Cut light metal and shearing off nuts and bolts

Rosser Maul

strike, Breech Wall, Pry

5 lb. MaUL

Deadlight, Breech wall, padlock

10 lb. Sledgehammer

Break light concrete, Breech walIs

Gas and water key

Turn on and off gas and water

Standard battering ram

One side for door and one side for masonry

Slice bar

To cut metal and light prying