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Chalk line reel- used to make chalk lines on flat surfaces

Tape rule- to measure the length of things

Combination square- a measuring tool that consists of a steel rule that slides through an adjustable protector head

Try square- an implement used to ckeck and mark right angles in construction work

Level- to measure if the object is level

Hack saw- a saw that is used to cut metal

Portable circular saw- a saw that is operated with a hand grip and is used to cut wood

Coping saw- used for cutting curves in wood

Portable jig saw- used to cut through wood with a small blade

Counter sink- used to enlarge the rim of a drilled hole to a screw, nail, or bolt can be inserted

Masonry bit- used with a hammer drill to drill through things

Portable electric drill- used to bore holes in a type of material

Straight shank drill bit- used to drill holes into a material

Speed bore bit- used to remove a large volume of chips

Ball peen hammer- used to drive wedges and bend/shape metal

Nail hammer- used to hammer in nails

Nail set- used to hold together 2 or more objects

Pin punch- used to remove metal pins from a hole

Sledge hammer- used to drive railroad spikes

Long nose pliers- used to hold or cut things

Slip joint pliers- used to adjust nuts and bolts

Grove joint pliers- used in plumbing to turn nuts and bolts

C clamp- used to hang stage lighting instruments to battens

Drill press vise- used in a drill press

Adjustable wrench- used to adjust different sized things