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Doing nail art is an exciting activity, but also confusing at the same time for me. When looking at the instagram or youtube to get inspiration, I find that people use many kind of tools to support their creation. As an beginner for this field, I want to share to my fellows basic tools that we need to do nail art.
1. Base coat and top coat

Base coat is a clear polish that is applied before you paint your nails. It is important to apply base coat especially to you who paint your nails frequently because nail polish contains chemical and base coat will protect your nails from chipping and drying. It also keeps your nails healthy. After painting your nails, you need to apply top coat on your nails. Top coat is also a clear polish but the function is to seal your nail art. So, your nail art will last longer. There are two
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So, cleanser is really needed when doing nail art. There are several types of cleanser with different functions.

The first one is nail polish remover. It is used when you are going to erase all the nail polish on our nails. Nail polish remover is usually acetone, but it tends to makes your nails chip. So, better to use a non-acetone nail polish remover to avoid that problem.

The second one is nail polish correcting pen. It is like a marker that contains nail polish remover in its body. There also the tip where you can change it if it no longer can be used. The way to use this pen is by inserting the tip and press down until the tip soaked with nail polish remover. This pen is really useful to erase small mistake around nail bed.

The last is liquid nail tape. The function is to avoid nail polish staining around your nails. It is like a glue and is used when we are painting our nails. The way to use it is by applying it around your nails and wait until it dry. After you finish painting, peel off the glue and your nails will look clean.

3. Striping

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