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PGs challenge and subvert parliament and the established political process

They ignore the normal way to get into parliament and don't get elected like MPs and other fairly elected reps do. They undermine the system of participation as not everyone agrees with them

Many PGs are organised in an undemocratic manner without formal elections and decision making processes

They concentrate power and create elitism where only certain wealthy/high profiled PGs are successful. This means other outsider PGs have less access and influence

Many PGs even encourage illegal activity e.g. Violent protesting + law breaking


However they do not undermine democracy as:

They provide an entry point for various groups to engage in the democratic process and naturally benefit the process by allowing for further political participation

Between the long period within elections of 5 years they are an additional way of checking who's accountable for what

They serve the gov and the democratic process as they represent and consult the gov on issues and offer advise on policy options as they're specific and help achieve what the public wants allowing them to support the democratic process.

They also educate and inform the wider public surrounding political event

Challenge the gov too which is key in a healthy democracy


Make 4 points

Evaluate fully each point add examples if relevant to point