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-Consist of a set of procedures done by food service personnel who attend to the needs of customer side work.

Waiting at the table

-is a term indicating all the duties the waiter or waitress performs, other than those directly related to serving the guest


-Section of the dining room assigned to a waiter or waitress

Station Assignment

-includes preparing the table such as placing the table cloth and setting up a cover.

Dining room Preparation

Table Etiquette

1) Have small bites for a quick emptying mouth.

2) It is not advisable to drink beverages when food is in your mouth.

3) Do not chew with an open mouth.

4) Talk only when your mouth is empty

5) Hands are not place in hair, ears or face while eating.

Rules on Table Service

1) Clean the table in order.

2) Served the food the right using your right hand .

3) It is not good to cross the table to serve another guest.

4) Excuse me ma'am or sir are frequently used when serving.

5) Repeat the name of the dish.

6) Excuse yourself when serving and removing any table appointments.

7) Make a table plan when taking order.

- service rendered for different function by a caterer to the client


-One who is responsible for arranging and managing all the details of the catering business


-Customer in catering service


-Determine the total amount of tools , equipment, table appointments as well as the food .

Transportation Cost

-Store dry and wet goofs accordingly.

Storing Food supplies

Knowledge on all catering details:

- Location of the source areas

- Needed Catering tools and Equipments

- Duration of the ocassion

- Cost of labor

- Profit

- Menu Offering

- Safety and Sanitary measures .

Quality of a Good Caterer

1. Has sufficient knowledge of preparation and service.

2. Know the function of food service tools and equipments.

3. Has working relation with employees and possesses management skills.

4. Good conversationalist