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The authority to prevent the passage of a law.
Resolves legal disputes and hands out justice.
What was the most important idea on which the framers based the texas constitution?
The people should control the government.
manifest destiny
The belief that the United States had the right and the duty to expand to the Pacific Ocean.
Granting of land by one country to another.
What were the 2 main goals of those who believed in manifest destiny?
1. Expand to the Pacific Ocean.
2. Set the southern boundary of Texas at the Rio Grande.
What did Mexicans think was the reason for the Mexican War?
Rio Grande as the southern boundary of Texas.
What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo accomplish?
Mexico recognized Texas as part of the United States, and the boundary being the Rio Grande.
permanent school fund
provides money for public schools
popular sovereignty
permission for states to decide for themselves
How did Texas finally resolve its debt problems?
Texas recieved $10 million in exchange for it's claim to parts of New Mexico.
How did the Compromise of 1850 affect the borders of Texas?
It set the border where it now exists at the New Mexico border.
To be forced to leave the country.
cattle rustler
a person who steals cattle
Describe the relationship between Anglo Texans and Tejanos after the Mexican War.
There was prejudice against the Tejanos. Many Anglo Texans took out their anger against Mexico on the Tejanos.
How did the growth of the Texas population lead to more conflict with the Native Americans?
More settlers coming in spread further into the Indian lands.