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The day that Thomas worked with Zart in the Gardens, Newt was very upset and worried. Why?

Minho and Alby haven't come back yet.

When Thomas suggested that a search party be sent, Newt became angry and said no. Why?

Newt believes in order, Thomas broke the #1 rule

Thomas saw Minho and Alby trying to return to the Glade. Who is injured?


They aren't going to make it. What does Thomas do?

He runs out into the maze to help them.

How did Minho feel about what Thomas did?

He was not Impressed.

What did Minho sat about the Griever that he and Alby went to investigate?

He said they sure could play dead well.

When Thomas and Minho heard the Grievers, what was Minho idea

Split up and keep moving.

When Thomas heard the Grievers, what was his idea to save himself and Alby.

Tie him up with a vine against the wall.

How high up on the wall did Thomas and Alby end up?

30 feet

What did Thomas see scurrying in the ivy where they were hiding and what was written on it?

a beetle blade, wicked

When the Griever at the very spot where Thomas and Alby were hiding in the ivy, what frightened Thomas the most?

They way it suddenly shut off.

How did Thomas know the Griever would find them? ( what gave them away?)

The beetle blade.

When the Griever sprang to life what did it begin to do in pursuit of Thomas and Alby?

The Grievers spines popped out and it started climbing the wall.

In order to get way from the Griever, what direction did Thomas have to go in and what did he do with Alby?

He left Alby there, He swung to the left.

When he finally reached the maze floor and began to run, Thomas rounded a corner and stopped, Why?

Three Griever where in front of him.

What did Thomas decide to do?

Run back to face off the one griever.

With 4 Grievers chasing Thomas now, who grabs Thomas and where do they go?

Minho, to the wall of the Maze.

How do they defeat the Grievers?

They fake them off and the Grievers fall off the cliff.

What does Thomas notice that is odd about the Grievers going over the cliff?

they stop making noise, suddenly they disappear

How does Minho prove Thomas wrong?

He throws a rock over the cliff and is able to follow it with his eyes.

When Minho and Thomas get back to Alby. who is there?

Newt and some other gladers.

What does Newt do?

Send Thomas and Minho to the Medjacks.

What news about Alby does Chuck later deliver to Thomas? (both good and not so good)

He's awake but he's going through the changing.

Who is the only person on the agenda at the gathering called by Newt?


Witch was most against Thomas?


Which 2 keepers almost got into a fight ?

Gally and Minho.

What was Minho's recommendation for Thomas?

That he wanted him to be head runner

What was the final decision in regards to Thomas?

One day in the slammer and runner training program.

Who us the only keeper that did not agree with the decision?


After the meeting was adjourned, Chuck came to let them know Alby was awake and asking for who?


Who did Alby kick out of the room?


When Alby began to talk to Thomas, what did Alby start to do?

choking himself

What 2 things did Alby warn Newt and Thomas before leaving the room?

be careful with the girl and protect the maps.

Newt has Thomas go to the girls room to see if anything seems familiar. What surprising thing does the med-jack tell them that she has been saying in her sleep.

Thomas's name

What does the girl do that freaks Thomas out?

start talking in his head.

What is her name?


What does Thomas do?

Runs into the maze.

What rumor began to float around about Gally?

That he ran into the maze and Thomas killed him?

What does Chuck think happened to Gally.

That Gally's friends are hiding him in the maze.

What is the only piece of furniture in the slammer?

A chair with one leg short than the others.

When Chuck brings lunch he is upset. Why?

wonders if he has parents and if he will get to see them

How does Thomas react?

Promises that he will get Chuck home