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Describe the setting for this story.
July 1942- August 1944, November 1945, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Describe Mr. Frank.
a gentle, cultured European in his middle years
Why do you think he describes himself as a bitter old man?
because of all the things that had happened to his family
What two things does Mr. Frank take from the room?
white glove and silk scarf
What does Miep give to Mr. Frank?
Anne's diary
Why does Mr. Frank want to burn everything
it makes him sad about the war
According to what Mr. Frank reads that Anne wrote, what was Mr. Frank's job before the war?
business owner- importing spices and herbs
Where were they supposed to hide?
upstairs in the building where her father used to have business
Define capitulation.
What item is conspicuous on all of their clothing?
the Star of David
What are ration books?
books of stamps or coupons issued by the government to buy scarce items
Why did Mr. Kraler remind Mr. Frank to tell the others about the noise?
so that they wouldn't be heard during the day when the people were in the building
What companion did Peter bring with him?
his cat, Mouschi
Why must they live with all the rules?
so they won't get caught
Who is Anne's friend from school?
Why do you think Ann can't destroy the yellow star?
its her religious symbol
What gift did her father give to her?
a diary
Why wouldn't Mr. Frank all Anne to go downstairs for a pencil?
they don't want anyone to see her
Who does Anne call their "protectors?"
Meip and Mr. Kraler
Why doesn't Anne care if she's being "dignified" as her mother says?
she's having fun with Peter
Why does Peter call Anne "Mrs. Quack Quack?"
she talks so much in class
Describe the 'bean cycle.'
they have a different kind of beans everynight
Why do you think Peter is embarrassed by his mother's story?
because she's flirting with Mr. Frank
What does Anne want to do when she says. "I'm going to be remarkable."
she wants to be a famous dancer/singer
What happened to Mrs. Van Daan's coat?
Anne spills milk on it
Using Mrs. Frank's description, compare Anne to Margot.
they are opposites
Why does the 'sun begin to shine' when Mr. Kraler comes?
he tries to bring good news
Who joins their family and why?
Mr. Dussel, he needs a hiding place
How do you think Anne feels about sharing a room with a new person.
she is unsure but does it anyway
Why does Anne awake screaming?
she has a nightmare because Dussel told her the Nazis came and took Jopie and her family away
How is Mr. Dussel affected by Anne's nightmares?
he wakes up and can't sleep
Why is it so dangerous for everyone else when Anne screams in her sleep?
people can hear them
What is Margot's answer to why Anne doesn't want her to sit with her?
it's a phase
Do you agree with Margot or what other reason can you provide?
she thinks she will take advantage of her
Why is Anne afraid to show her 'nicer' side?
She is afraid people will laugh at her if she's serious
According to Anne in her diary entry at the end of the scene, what do each of the family members want to do when the war is over?
Mrs. Van Daan- to be home with her own things
Peter- to go to a movie
Mr. Dussel- to get back to his dentist's drill
Anne- to ride a bike, to laugh, to have new clothes, to have a hot tub, to be back at school
Who provides the presents for their holiday celebration?
What does each family member receive and how is that item significant?
Margot- a crossword puzzle book
Mrs. Van Daan- hair shampoo
Mr. Van Daan- cigarettes
Mrs. Frank- an IOU for obedience
Mr. Frank- a muffler
Mouschi- a toy
Peter- a safety razor
Mr. Dussel- ear plugs
Significance: they were homeade
What present do you think would "fit" Anne?
a cat, a newspaper
Remember back to Act 1, Scene 1, to whom does the multi-colored scarf belong?
Mrs. Frank
What happened to interrupt their festivities?
they heard a thief downstairs and thought it was the green police
Who bravely investigates and what is discovered?
Mr. Frank discovers it was a thief
What does Mr. Dussel think about what has happened?
now someone knows they live up there
Do you agree with his ideas?
What do you think may happen next?
the thief will sell them to the Green Police
Why does Mr. Frank tell Anne to sing the celebration song?
to calm everyone down
What does Miep bring the family?
a cake
Why does Mr. Dussel say that Mrs. Frank should cut the cake?
Mrs. Frank divides things better
Why does Mr. Van Daan give Miep the fur coat?
so she can sell it
What advice does Mr. Frank give to Mr. Kraler about the employee?
pay him 1/2
Why do you think Margot wishes "the end would come?"
so that they will be able to get out of hiding
Does Peter agree with Anne that "it helps to have someone to talk to?"
What's the bad news that Anne writes about in her diary at the end of the scene?
The people from whom Miep got their ration books got arrested.
Why is Mr. Dussel impatient with Anne at the beginning of Scene 2?
Anne has locked him out of their room because she is preparing for another visit to Peter's room
Why does Margot think that Anne is "fishing"?
she is paranoid about how she looks
How does Mrs. Van Daan and Mrs. Frank view Anne's visits with Peter differ?
Mrs. Frank- worried, Mrs. Van Daan- doesn't care
For what reason is Margot jealous of Anne?
Margot likes Peter, too.
How has Anne changed according to Peter?
At what time does Anne have to go back to her room?
9:00 PM
Why does Mr. Dussel wish that Mouschi was back?
the rats were at work again
Who is caught stealing food?
Mr. Van Daan
What does Mrs. Frank say should be the consequence?
he should be kicked out
Why does Mr. Frank say "we don't need the Nazi's to destroy us, we're destroying ourselves?"
they are all fighting with each other and can't get along
What wisdom does Margot voice when she talks about the potatoes?
they haven't sunk so far that they're going to fight over a handful of rotten potatoes
What news does Meip bring and why is it wonderful?
the invasion has begun
Who found the missing radio?
the Gestapo
At the end of this scene Anne writes, "I have a goal, an opinion." What is it?
that all people are truly nice, the can act evil but everyone is truly nice.
Why do you think the telephone keeps ringing?
Meip is calling them to warn them they are about to be captured
What day is it according to Mr. Dussel?
Friday, the fourth of August
Why won't Mr. Frank answer the phone?
He doesn't to do anything that might let anyone know where they're hiding.
Why does Mr. Van Daan say it's Mrs. Van Daan is the reason they're in hiding?
she couldn't leave her things
What purpose does Anne's discussion about nature/sky serve?
to think herself out of the situation
What does Peter think about their hiding
he hates it
What does Mr. Frank mean when he says, "Now we can live in hope?"
they have been living in fear of being captured; now they can live in hope that they will be freed
Who knocks on the door?
Nazi soldiers
Why doesn't Anne take her diary?
she is only allowed to take clothes
Who does Mr. Kraler say led the police to the family?
the thief
Why was Anne able to be happy at first in the camp?
she could be out of the hiding place
When and how were the Franks separated?
September; the men were going to one camp, the women to another
How did Mr. Frank learn about his family?
news from survivors that new the others
What happened to each of the eight members of the "family"?
all died except for Mr. Frank, Meip, and Mr. Kraler
Why does Mr. Frank say that Anne puts him to shame?
he disagrees with her saying in her diary, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are truly good at heart."