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When was the American Continental Army Established?


How Many Campaign and Battle Streamers does the Army have?

Over 180

What does the uniform of the Army represent for soldiers?

Becoming part of something bigger than themselves. Danger and long separations.

What does the Army represent for Families?

Pride and anxiety, knowing the sacrifices ahead

What does the Army uniform represent for veterans?

An important period of their lives, pride in awards and decorations, a time of intense physical and emotional stress.

What is Land Domain?

the most Complex of all domains and where most countries are able to have a defense

What is Unified Land Operations?

synchronization of efforts between joint services, government agencies and military forces

What is the goal for Unified Land Operations?

To combine Offensive, Defensive and stability task in coordination with joint services, government agencies, and military forces from other nations

What are the four essential characteristics of our Profession?

Military Expertise, Honorable Service, Espirit de Corp, Stewardship

What ADP Covers THE ARMY?


What does ADP 6-0 Cover?

Mission Command

What ADP Covers Mission Command?

ADP 6-0

What is a team?

a group of individuals working towards a common goal

How do staff members assist the commander?

they assist they commander by planning, preparing, executing and assessing

What are the principles that the commander is guided by using the mission command philosophy?

Build cohesive teams, create shared understanding,

Provide clear commander intent, exercise disciplined initiate, use mission orders, accept prudent risk

Under the "Nature of Operations" what are military operations?

Contest of wills characterized by continuous and adaptation by all participants

What are the five systems included in the mission command system?

Personnel, Networks, Information Systems, Processes and Procedures, Facilities and Equipment

What is mission command?

exercising the authority and direction by the commander, empowering agile and adaptive leaders to conduct unified land operations

What three ideas does mission command incorporate?

the exercise of mission command, the mission command philosophy and the mission command war fighting function

What are the six principles of mission command?

Build cohesive teams through mutual trust, create shared understanding, Provide a clear commanders intent, exercise disciplined initiate, use mission orders, accept prudent risk

What are some examples if equipment needed to sustain a mission command system?

Vehicles, generators, lighting

What does AR 600-20 Cover?

Army Command Policy

What does SHARP stand for?

Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response Prevention

What chapter covers the SHARP program in AR 600-20?

Chapter 7&8

What does Chapter 7&8 of AR 600-20 cover?

The Army SHARP program

What are the goals of the SHARP program?

Create a climate that minimizes sexual assault incidents, encourage victims to report sexual assault without fear, establish sexual assault prevention training, ensure sensitive and comprehensive treatment for victims to restore health and well-being, ensure all leaders understand their roles and responsibilities

What is the Army's slogan for the SHARP program?


What does I. A.M. STROMG stand for?

Intervene, Act, Motivate

What are the precursors to Sexual Assault?

sexual enduendos, sexual harassment, indecent assaults

How can you reduce the risk of sexual assault?

Be prepared, alert and assertive

What are some ways of being assertive?

State what you want, no means no, match your body language to your words

What does ATP 6-22.1 Cover?

The Counseling Process

What ATP Covers the Counseling Process?

ATP 6-22.1(Formerly FM 6-22)

What is counseling?

The process that leaders use to review a subordinate their performance and potential

What is one of the most important leadership and professional development responsibilities and enables Army leaders to help Soldiers and Army Civilians become more capable, resilient, satisfied, and better prepared for current and future responsibilities?


What is the Army's most important tool for developing leaders?

Regular Developmental Counseling

Why should leaders emphasize routine counseling?

to reinforce positive behavior and superior performance

What eight critical leader responsibilities does regular counseling provide leaders the opportunity for?

Express genuine interest in the subordinate, help subordinate understand their role as a leader, acknowledge and reinforce exceptional work, evaluate subordinates potential, assist subordinates to address issues and further strengths, identify issues before they become major problems, identify pre-empt causes of sub-standard performance

What is developmental counseling characterized by?

the purpose of the session

What enables the leader to adapt the counseling session to the individual subordinate’s needs in order to achieve desired outcomes and manage expectations?

understanding the purpose and types of counseling

What are the three major categories of developmentall counseling?

event counseling, performance counseling, professional growth counseling

According to AR 215-1 what does the BOSS program provide?

provides opportunities for soldiers to participate in physical, self-development, leisure and educational services

What type of program is BOSS?

It is categorized as category B Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

How many Officers are on the BOSS council?

President, Vice-President, Security and Treasure

What is lowest level unit that has a BOSS council representative?

the battery/company level

What are the three Pillars of BOSS?

Recreation and Leisure, Community Service, Well-Being

What Army Regulation Covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program?

AR 600-8-8

What DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands?

DA Form 5934 or 5934E

What are the rules for appointing a Sponsor?

The sponsor should be equal grade or higher than the incoming soldier, the sponsor should be the same sex, the sponsor should be familiar with the unit activity

What are the six elements of sponsorship?

1. DA Form 5434

2. Welcome Letter

3. ACS Relocation Readiness Service

4. Reception

5. Orientation

6. Inprocessing