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inceases in what things cost
not easily adjusted to ups and downs in economy
used only for specific programs
categorical grants in aid
these funds could be used by state and local gov for whatever projects these gov wanted
general revenue sharing
provide money for general use in broad programs such as community development
block grants
system in which both executive branch and legislative branch prepare separate budget documents
dual budgeting system
budget yr for gov't or corp; may not coincide with calender year
fiscal year
This states fiscal year runs September 1 through August 31
costly government investmentsin physical nonhuman resrouces like highways bridges waterline and sewer systems.
make eco growth possible and good quality life
tax that increases in rate with the wealth of the one paying the tax.
richer the institution the higher the tax
progressive tax
substances that are dumped into water supplies ladnfills or the atmosphere that are harmful to human plant and or animal life
level of income below which a family is officially considered to be poor.
poverty threshold
overall purpose behind individual governmental decision and programs. result of public officials setting of priorities by creating the budget making official decision and passing laws
public policy
action that nat'l gov requires state and local fovernment to take or that the state requires cities counties and special dist. to take
flat rate tax that is not based on ability to pay as a consequence the poorer the payer the larger the percentage of income that goes to the tax
regressive tax
state revenues are not expected to be adequate to fund programs and services at current levels
revenue shortfalls
laws and governemnt decision that have the effect of taking wealth power and other resources from some citizens and giving those resources to others.
redistributive public policy
inherent fairness of a tax. ability to pay is a factor in fairness
tax equity
fee for specific governmental service charges to the person who benefits from the service
ex: college tuition
user fee
a program that provides incoem assurance for a worker injured on the job
workers compensation
what is an example of the public utilities commission?
What is an example of the insurance commisioners office?
Farmers Insurance
-oversee and regualte insurance agency
-appointees are usually industry oriented
Insurance Commisioner
What are the two types of Jurisdiction (courts ability to hear a case)
original and appellate
hear it first
brought to court
court structure
What are the percentages of felonies solved in a year
18 percent
signed 1999 G. Bush
gives Hospitals ultimate authority to declare life support
Texas Medical and Futility and Advance Directives act
What are the three means of execution?
electic chair
lethal injection
1.Ineffective council
2.inaccurate eye witness testimony
3.prosecutorial misconduct
4.lack of DNA testing
death row inmates exonerated
When was the death penalty reinstituted?
Under 6 years old
police officer
prison employee
automatic death penalty
1. recieve sodium
2. recieve PB which collapses diaphragm and lungs
3.pottasium chloride which stops heart
How lethal injection works
The Texas Rangers were created by ____
Stephen F. Austin
-acts as a coroner
-if not an attorney take a 1 week course
-elected position
Justice of the Peace
Established offices and duties
Authority of office limited by rules
Qualifications for office essential
Strict hierarchy of authority and decision making
Separation between public & private roles
Bureaucrats are seen as trained experts
Office holding is a career
implements public policy
Texas Bureaucracy
Clearance rate
murder 70%
assault 52%
rape 47%
robbery 25%
Clearance rate for major crimes in Tx
scared ostriches out of mating
What year was the Insurance Commissioner office created?