Death Penalty Essay

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Support for Death Penalty
One of the most polarizing issues ever to face modern society is the justice system. Whether the debate involves the court system, sentencing or the appeals process, there are a multitude of people with powerful opinions on both sides. Although 32 other states including the federal government and the US Military use the death penalty[1], states like Texas and California tend to show up in the national media more often than others. Since it 's inception more than three hundred fifty people have been executed[2] as payment for their crimes in the State of Texas. Political careers have been decided as voters lean towards capital punishment in the state (Ann Richards 1990). The idea that the death penalty will continue to remain relevant is bolstered by the new debate over the need to reveal the sources of the lethal cocktail used in the procedure.
Politics in the State of Texas always seem to have the death penalty as a cornerstone of the candidates platform. Early in Texas politic candidates tended to come down on the classic for or against fence. Lately however it appears that the arguments have evolved into the proper or even most economical way to employ capital punishment. As far back as the 1990 gubernatorial campaign, the theme was not are you or are you not death
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Where it falls short is in the administrative process. We see this in many instances with cases where a rush to judgment, or the refusal to reconsider sentencing could have resulted in the execution of an innocent person. The number of people who have been exonerated and subsequently released or had their sentences reduced confirms that there are issues with the administration of justice. As a citizen of the State of Texas it is our duty to ensure that our justice system works as equitably as possible because at some point we may be the one in the chair. I would not want efficiency to be the governing principle in that

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