What Are The Pros And Cons Of Abolishing The Death Penalty

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Imagine being awoken at two in the morning to flashing lights out your window, screaming sirens, and a police officer beating on your door, only to find out you are being arrested for a crime you did not commit. Imagine for the next twenty five years you sit in a jail cell waiting to be put to death for this crime you were convicted of, but you know you did not commit. As stated in the article “Death Penalty,” many people are sitting in jail cells across the country on death row for crimes they have not committed and waiting for the day to arrive that their life will end. According to the article states across the country are contemplating abolishing the death penalty altogether partly because of this reason (Death Penalty). In this informational …show more content…
In the article “Death Penalty,” the author refers to “The botched execution of an Oklahoma prisoner on April 29 stirred debate over lethal injections; in this execution, the new protocol of medications caused this prisoners “vein to collapse and die from a heart attack ten minutes later (Death Penalty).” Some think the criminals shouldn’t suffer during execution. The authors intended audience is the voters and lawmakers in the country. The author of this article reaches his audience with factual statistics to show why some people are against the death penalty. By listing factual information the author shows his trustworthiness and credibility. When the author states that the “Treatment Advocacy in Arlington, Va., estimates that untreated people suffering from severe mental illness commit, conservatively, about 10 percent of U.S. homicides, including recent notorious mass shootings,” he or she is grabbing the readers emotions (Death Penalty). When the author decided to include psychiatrist opinions that most criminals are severely mentally ill, the author is trying to inform the readers that some doctors believe not all criminals know what they are doing when they commit a crime. In the article, the author’s language choice is not academically hard to comprehend. Average citizens can read this article and understand the author is trying to inform them of the cons of the death

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