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A serious criminal offense that subjects a person to state prison punishment is a


A crime defined as 'aggravated " involves

Difference between 'assault' and 'aggravated assault' might be intention i.e assault with intent to rape, or assault with a weapon and extent of injury done to victim.* No defined answer found *

The U.S supreme court overturned Plessy v. Ferguson in

1954 (Brown V. Board of education)

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over _______

All violations of city ordinances

What stage of the policy-making process involves instituting incentives or sanctions?


Welfare reforms are measured along which two dimensions?

1) The number of people on welfare 2) The successof getting people in the workforce.

For which type of offenses are Texas prison inmates most likely to be imprisoned

Violent crimes OR property

The percentage of Texans living in poverty is around _____

Book : 17.4 %

Online : 15 %

In Texas, felony juries are composed of _______ people and misdemeanor juries are composed of ____ people

12, 6

Which statement is true concerning welfare in the 1980’s?

Conservatives tried to require that welfare recipients must participate in job training as a condition of receiving benefits.

Why was partisanship in Texas judicial elections NOT an issue until 1978?

Up until then, Texas was essentially a One Party State

A _______ is a salaried lawyer funded by the government or by grants who represents indigents in Texas in some counties or for some types of cases.

Public defender

The major trial courts in Texas are _______

District courts

Which of the following are NOT part of the Texas judicial system?

Commissioner's courts.

Which statement is true regarding poverty in Texas?

Poverty rate among children is much higher than the rest of the United States

The origins of modern welfare policy lie in _____

FDR's New Deal

In Texas, all judges EXCEPT municipal judges are _______

Popularity elected in a partisan government

Which statement regarding water policy in Texas is true?

Water rights are a complicated matter balancing private property considerations and the public good.

Public policy refers to the ______

Book: Outputs of governmental institution

Online : The expressed goals of a governmental backed by incentives or sanctions

The Texas Supreme Court and court of criminal appeals have appellate jurisdiction,which means they have the authority to do what?

They have authority to review decisions and change outcomes of decisions of lower courts.

Which of the following best describes capital punishment in Texas?

Texas executes more individuals than any otherstate and has a statistically low rate of successfully appealed capital casespp2SсPmh

What types of cases does the supreme court hear?

Civil appeals, civil cases

Which of the following statements regarding public policy in Texas is true?

Policies of National Govt. Influence Texas, but large segments of public policy, such as education, infrastructure, and legal matters, are state and local matters

The most prison prone group in society is _____ between the ages of ____

Males, 20-29

Plessy v. Fergusson (1896)

Validated the Texas state-imposed racial segregation in public schools

A minor criminal offense, usually punishable by a small fine or short jail sentence is a


A person who files a civil lawsuit against another party is called a


When a person is arrested for a felony or misdemeanor and jailed rather than ticketed he or she will be arraigned before a judge. What happens next and in what order?

At the arraignment, the charges will be explained to the accused, and he or she will be reminded of the due process rights. Generally bail will be set at this point.

What happened during the 2013 legislative session that changed the high minded expectation about education reform movement ?

ensured religious-oriented clubs the same accessto school facilities and protected students who expressed religious beliefs. ****

The three mains issues that have shaped education policy in Texas during the last 50 years are

Funding, desegregation, and educational excellence

In Texas, which judicial candidate race is considered the most expensive, where candidates are likely to raise over $1 million?

The Texas Supreme Court ****

Justice of the peace courts handle which kind of disputes?

small claims

The debate over public education in Texas goes back to the

break with Mexico

Which court appeals from justices of peace and municipal courts?

the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles ******

Which of the following makes the decision to grant parole?

Texas Board of Pardons and Parole

Two of the strategies that have been developed by the Texas Water Development Board to meet the long term needs of Texas include

the focus on conservation and expanding and developing available surface water.

______ refers to the idea that policy makers have formulated and implemented policy that address the problems in an optimal or efficient manner


In Edgewood ISD v. Kirby, the key constitutional issue was

whether the phrase “an efficient system of free public schools” included school financing.