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lava flows
streams of molten rock that come from vents and fissures in the Earth's crust
a fluid's resistance to flow or internal friction
pyroclastic flows
high-density mixtures of hot ash and rock fragments with hot gases
a wet, cement-like mixture of water, mud, and volcanic rock fragments that flows down the slopes of a volcano and its river valleys
the term for pieces of volcanic rock and lava that are ejected into the air
volcanic bomb
the largest type of tephra; larger than 64 mm in diameter
the "middle-sized" type of tephra; generally between 2 and 64 mm in diameter
the finest type of tephra; less than 2 mm in diameter
Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)
the percentage of pyroclastics among the total products of a volcanic eruption
andesitic lava
lava that has a higher silica content than basaltic lava; rarely flows beyond the base of the volcano
dacitic and rhyolitic lava
lava that has a higher silica content than andesitic lava
Volcanic ash hazards
-collapse the roofs of homes, factories and schools
-cause breathing problems in humans and animals
-damage automobile engines
-coat the leaves of plants, interfering with photosynthesis
-can damage aircraft
-can form lahars when soaked by rain
eruption at Tambora, Indonesia
this eruption had a VEI of 7. pyroclastic flows streamed down its slopes. a caldera formed when the surface collapsed into the magma chamber. the eruption triggered a tsunami, along with tephra fall and pyroclastic flows- killed 10,000 and 82,000 died from famine