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Which of the following is the best personal/ helpful paraphrase to "I'm really sad and down about my apartment situation."

"You're depressed because you haven't found a place to live yet?"

According to the text, the most helpful way of responding to a problem is to offer good, specific advice. T or F?


Types of ineffective listening include

a. selective listening

b. insulated listening

c. defensive listening

d. ambushing


When choosing the best listening style, it is important to consider

the situation, the other person, and yourself

You meet a friend at the supermarket who asks how you are doing. You say, "I'm simply at wits' end--too busy." Which of the following from your friend would qualify as an insensitive listening response?

"Will you come help me study for my math test?"

Your roommate gives the appearance of listening to you, but you can tell from her responses that her mind is elsewhere. You could call her listening style in this instance


"Sure it's unfair. But you shouldn't let that stop you. Life is unfair, so you're crazy to let it bother you." This statement is what type of response?


The advantage of paraphrasing to help is that...

you can clarify your partner's concerns

A good listener will always state her own opinion so the other person knows where she stands on the issue. T or F?


It's impossible to listen effectively all of the time. T or F?


Two kinds of listening to help are...

analyzing and supporting.

When you try to reflect the underlying message in a statement, you are engaging in...


According to research, most listeners retain 70% of a message for several weeks. T or F?


"From what you've said, it sounds like you're mad at your boss for expecting you to drop your personal plans whenever he wants you to work. Is that right?" This statement is what type of response?


"I think that the reason you're so confused is that you're trying to make everyone else happy and forgetting your own happiness." This statement is what type of listening response?


According to your text, advice is...

not necessarily helpful to others just because it worked for you

Paraphrasing can be considered a form of...

perception checking

The process of using questioning and paraphrasing messages is a type of...

perception checking.

Questioning is one type of listening response used to help others. T or F?


Turning the conversation to yourself is stage- hogging. T or F?