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What is the term for unequal steering linkage movement?

Bump Steer

Transverse Leaf Springs mount across the _______ of the vehicle.


Shock Absorbers control ________ _______.

Spring Oscillations

How do shock absorbers dampen spring oscillations?

By restricting the movement of a piston through hydraulic fluid.

How do shock absorbers control foaming?

By having ridges on the outer shell of the reservoir.

On a rear wheel drive vehicle equipped with a solid axle and coil springs, the differential assembly is ________ _________.

Unsprung Weight

The basic working principle of a hydraulic shock absorber is based on:

Hydraulic fluid forced through an orifice.

Active Suspensions make instantaneous adjustments to the suspension in response to changes in:

Acceleration & Deceleration

Steering Inputs

Body Roll & G-Forces

A ball joint that receives the force from the coil spring or torsion bar is called a:

Load Carrier Type

The force or weight required to deflect a spring one inch is called:

Spring Rate

The MacPherson strut suspension eliminates the use of ________ ________ _________.

Upper Control Arms

The upper ball joint on a SLA suspension with the spring on the lower control arm is:

A load carrying ball joint.

Tie rods are positioned to closely match the travel of the lower control arms to:

Prevent excessive changes in toe during suspension travel

A stabilizer bar is attached to a car's lower control arms in order to:

Control body roll.

Two support members of the parallelogram steering linkage are the:

Idler and Pitman Arms

The main purpose of the steering linkage is to:

Accuratley relay steering commands