How To Write An Essay On Automotive Design

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Automotive Design.
Automotive research has developed over the years into a mainstream department in the vehicle manufacturing industry. It has been among the primary focus in generating the demand required to boost the sales of the vehicle. General Motors is a vehicle manufacturing company which was fading out before the introduction of the designing department. This department led to the introduction of the Chevrolet which transformed the company’s fortunes into profits. The Chevrolet became a big success especially in the post war era which boosted the growth of a company that was failing a few years back. This turn in profits and investment in design proved to be the right step by the company in manipulating the automobile industry for the next few years. This shows the power in taking the risk of automotive design.
Automotive design is the engineering process that takes place in manufacturing automobiles specifically the design appearance of a vehicle. Automobiles are known to attract more customers through use
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The managers should acknowledge this space while reverting from exerting too much control. The manager General Motors exercised too much control over the designers which led to most of them often quitting. Designing requires constant thinking which was lacking in the management of General Motors. The designers often left due to the feeling of doing the same work repeatedly. The managerial staff should acknowledge the importance of the designers to the company. The Management should also allow the free contribution and experimentation of new ideas throughout the company and the market. This increases the creativity pool which leads to the increase in sales promoting the company. The relationship between the company and the designers dictates the type of work they produce which often dictates the sales the company

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