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What forms the ankle joint?
Articulation of the tibia & fibula w/talus bone of foot
What forms the subtalar joint?
Talus articulates w/calcaneus (heel bone) to form the subtalar joint and w/navicular bone to form longitudinal arch of foot
What 2 bones make up the ankle bone?
The medial & lateral malleoli
What forms the subtalar joint?
The inferior articulation w/the calcaneus
Where is the talus located?
Talus lies between tibia & calcaneus
What bone is referred to as the heel bone?
The inferior articulationn w/talus and calcaneus forms what joint?
What forms the metatarsal joint?
The navicular articulating w/talus on medial side of foot AND cuboid articulating w/calcaneus on lateral side
The talus articulates w/ what on the medial side of foot to form part of the midtarsal joint?
The talus articulates w/what on the lateral side of foot to form the midtarsal joint?
The 3 cuneiform bones articulate w/ what?
Articulate proximally w/navicular and cuboid bones, AND distally w/medial four toes
The 3 cuneiform bones articulate distally with what?
Medial 4 toes
What is the ankle joint?
Synovial hinge joint formed by the articulation of talus & tibia
The articulation of what forms the ankle joint?
Talus & tibia
What membrane transfers the force between the tibia and fibula??
Interosseous membrane
What is the interosseous membrane?
Is responsible for transferring force between tibia and fibula (keeps bones from spreading)
What do the medial and lateral collateral ligaments do?
provide stability by limiting side-to-side movement in frontal plane

Medial libament has three sections and is often called the deltoid ligament.
What's another name for the deltoid ligament?
Medial ligament
What is the subtalar joint?
A nonaxial sliding joint formed by articulation of talus and calcaneus
What does the subtalar joint do?
Inversion & eversion
The articulation of talus and calcaneus from what joint?
Subtalar joint
What makes up the tarsometatarsal joint?
articulation of cuneiforms and cuboid w/ metatarsals
Articulation of cuneiforms and cuboid w/metatarsals from what joint?
Metatarsal joint
What is the metatarsophalangeal joint?
Found at ball of foot where the metatarsals and phalanges meet
Metatarsals and phalanges meet at the ball of foot to form what joint?
Metatarsophalangeal joint
What makes up the interphalangeal joint?
articulation of two phalanxes
How many interphalangeal joints do the digits have?
Two (except the great toe, which only has one)
The great tow has how many interphalangeal joints?
The interphalangeal joints are called proximal or distal based on what?
Their relative positions in the digits
What is Plantar Flexion of the foot?
Occurs when the plantar surface (sole) of foot is moved toward ground (as in point the foot)
Pointing the foot/toes toward the ground is know as what?
Plantar flexion
Pointing the toes toward the shin is knows as what?
What occurs when the dorsal surface of the foot approaches the shin(tibia)?
What is Inversion?
Rolling the plantar surface of the foot inward (big toe's position is pointing laterally)
What is eversion?
When the plantar surface is rotated outward (medial side is toward ground, lateral side is upward)
Rolling the plantar surface of the foot inward is known as what?
Rolling the plantar surface of the foot outward is known as what?
What is the tibialis anterior?
Shin splint muscle. Runs from the lateral side of anterior tibia across the anterior ankle to medial cuneiform and first metatarsal
What is the extensor digitorum longus?
Located on fibula, lateral to tibialis anterior
What makes up the tendons on top of the foot?
Extensor digitorum longus
What is the extensor hallucis longus?
muscle of the big toe, points toe upward
What muscle points the big toe upward?
Extensor Hallucis Longus
The 3 cuneiform bones articulate proximally with what?
Proximally w/ navicular & cuboid bones
The calcaneus articulating w/talus forms what joint?
What forms the longitudinal arch of the foot?
Talus articulates w/navicular bone to form the longitudinal arch
What makes up the subtalar joint?
Calcaneus articulating w/talus
What muscle is lateral to the anterior tibia (also known as shin splint muscle)?
Tibialis anterior
Where is the Peroneus Longus & Brevis located?
On lateral side of lower leg
Where is the Gastrocnemius?
The "Calf muscle", attaches via achilles tendon...from femoral condyles to distal attachment at calcaneus.
What 3 muscles attach via the achilles tendon?
Where is the Soleus located?
Deep to the gastrocnemius from the shaft of tibia and fibula to the calcaneus via Achilles tendon.
Where is the Flexor Digitorum Logus?
Beneath the medial malleolus, deep to gastrocnemius & soleus muscles
Where is the Tibialis Posterior?
Crosses medial malleolus just posterior to frontal plane.

Flexor of Big toe
What does the Flexor Hallucis Longus flex?
Big toe
Where is the Extensor Digitorum Brevis?
Runs from calcaneus to medial four digits.
What muscle is a dorsiflexor?
Tibialis Anterior
What muscle does Inversion?
Tibialis Anterior
What action does the Tibialis Anterior have?
Dorsiflexion & Inversion
What are the 2 toe extensors?
Extensor Digitorum Longus
Extensor Hallicus Longus
What action does the Peroneus Longus & Brevis have?
What leg muscle is responsible for eversion?
Peroneus Longus & Brevis
Which muscles are responsible for Plantar flexion (pointing toes)?
What muscles are reponsible for tow flexion?
Flexor Digitorum Longus
Flexor Hallicus Longus
What muscle inverts?
Tibialis Posterior
What muscle is responsible for toe extension?
Extensor Digitorum Brevis
What's the action of Extensor Digitorum Brevis?
Toe Extension
What's the action of the Tibialis Posterior?
Inversion of the foot