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when might an object in 6.5 not be upgraded to 7? 5 reasons
1. object has been renamed with sp_rename
2. syscomments text is missing
3. a stored procedure is created within another stored procedure
4. owner of an object doesnt exist on the new server
5. missing nt groups
7 upgrading requirements
1. sp4
2. ie4.01 sp1
3. 32 megs of ram
4. 180 megs of hd space
5. sql server 6.5 sp3
6. sql 6 sp3
7 named pipes
what are the 4 sql server services?
1. mssqlserver
2. sqlserveragent
3. ms-dtc
4. microsoft search
what is side-by-side installation?
installing sql server 7 in a different directory than 6.5
what is raid 10?
mirrored raid5 sets
how do you expand a database in tsql?
run the alter database statement
2 considerations for estimating index storage requirements
1. add up data types of the key, not the whole row
2. clustered indexes use data for leaf pages
3 types of pages
1. data pages-- actual records
2. index pages-- keys and levels
3. text and image pages
4 steps for estimating storage requirements
1. calculate space used by a single row
2. calculate # of rows that will fit on a page
3. calculate # of rows in table
4. calculate # of pages

2 bytes per row overhead
how do you rename a database?
5 considerations

1. db must be set to single user.
2. must be in the master db to run the sp
3. must be a member of sysadmin
4. files and filegroup names are not effected
5. fully qualified objects may be effected
what 6 protocols/standards does sql server support
1. tcp/ip
2. ipx/spx
3. named pipes
4. multi-protocol
5. appletalk
6. decnet
how does unicode work? what is the default?
2 bytes per character instead of 1-- 64k characters
default: case insensitive, width insensitive, kana insensitive
explain sort order- 3 main types
sort order defines how data is stored, compared and returned.
1. dictionary, case-insensitive(default)
2. dictionary, case sensitive
3. binary order
explain character sets-- 3 examples
7 of the 8 bits in a byte provide 128 chacters and the 8th adds 128 more characters (extended characters). There are many extended characters sets but sql server can only use one at a time.

1. 1252 default.
2. 850 old default
3. 437 - english
what are the two sql server licensing modes
1. per seat-- pay for total # of people in the company with no limit to connections
2. per server - limited # of connections per server
2 settings for the sql server agent to work properly
1. a user account with appropriate rights should be assigned to the service
2. service should be configured to start automatically
how do you rebuild the msdb database
rebuild master or run instmsdb.sql and web.sql from mssql7\install
displays stats about sql server
error 266
a transaction was rolled back inside of a stored prcedure
what are the standard sql server directories
backup, binn, books, data, ftdata, devtools, html, install, jobs, log, repldata, upgrade
set working size
reserves a chunk of memory for sql server
set with sp_configure
central subscriber
multiple publisher publish to one horizontally partitioned table
central publisher
publisher and distributor are on the same machine
central publisher with remote distributor
publisher and distributor are on seperate machines. helps to distribute load in a busy system. link between the two must be good
publishing subscriber
publisher --> subscriber/publisher --> multiple subscribers