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What is a DTS package? Task?
a collection of commands that tell DTS what data to collect and how to write it out to a destination. A package can also contain other commands called tasks which are action statements
DTS Task --> send mail
send email to a pre-defined mail account
DTS Task --> execute process task
executes a dos based process
DTS Transform property: activeX scripting
you can run a column through vbscript(any scripting language) to tweak its contents
DTS Lookups
a feature of dts that allows you to define a parameterized query that retrieves a single row and signle column from a data source not participating in the transform. commonly used to translate code values
DTS Task --> data driven query task
performs a standard transform then runs a query based on the data inserted into the destination (i.e. update a code table)
What are DTS transforms
they define the movements of data between two datasources. represented by arrows
DTS Task --> bulk insert task
runs a bcp process
DTS Task --> execute sql task
executes a single sql statement
DTS Task --> active script task
runs some activeX script when the task is executed
DTS Task --> transfer object task
transfers objects between 2 sql servers
what is a DTS precedence constraint? 3 types
connects tasks together or indicates a transform should occur before or after a task is completed.
1. on completion
2. on success
3. on failure