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True or False: When assigned as part of a Joint Task Force, the Task Force Commander is assigned as the Commander of Naval Forces.

False, the strike group commander will likely be the Commander of Naval Forces, responsible to the Commander of the Joint Task Force.

What is a Reply Message?

It is the response to the request message, it is a collection of information concerning a ship's in-use communication, radar, NAVAID, and EW equipment.

True or False: A Fighter Air Channeling Plan is used by fighter aircraft in a Carrier Strike Group.

False, a Tactical Air (TACAIR) Channeling Plan is used for aircraft in a CSG.

What is the Advanced Propagation Model?

It is used to determine potential environmental impacts on electromagnetic interference using historical weather data or real-time data.

What does the AESOP Assignment Generator determine and what is that based on?

It determines optimal frequency assignments based on all of the emitter & propagation data entered for each phase.

Why is an accurate communications equipment inventory important?

It ensures that the net plan in the OPTASK COMM plan is capable of being implemented

What is the primary means of communicating the Radar Assignment Plan?

The AESOP Frequency Assignment message

What is EMI analysis used for?

During the planning phase it is used to determine if a ship's communications equipment has sufficient frequency or physical separation to operate as intended, and, if not, if that EMI is caused by another ship or a system contained on that ship. EMI levels may be viewed in order to see the extent of the degradation of the predicted connectivity.

What is IMI analysis and why should it be performed?

IMI analysis checks the channel plan/frequencies for potential intermodulation interference that can be caused by a frequency's harmonics or when two or more signals are present in a non-linear device which can lead to degradation of connectivity.

What does the EMI Victims Dialogue indicate?

It shows the system or systems that will be suffering degraded functionality due to another system's transmit characteristics/operating frequency/frequencies.