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Where Southeast Asia's river's originate

-Island rivers originate in various directions

-mainland rivers originate in northern highlands of Southeast Asia and Southern China

Mekong River Location

Beginning it's 2,600mile course in China, it forms a border between Thailand and Laos
Description of Southeast Asia's landscape

- A lot of islands

- mountains and volcanoes

- water systems

Annam Cordillera location

Separates Vietnam from Laos and Cambodia

Number of islands of Indonesia

over 17,000

Singapore's vegetation

-Barely and natural, endemic species.

-80% of trees and shrubs are imported

Largest island country in Southeast Asia

Countries on the Indochina peninsula
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar

Why has there been mismanagement of resources in Myanmar

decades of military rule and government control of key industries have led to mismanagement of sources
Endemic Species

Those native to the particular area.
Which country is both part of mainland and an island?
Which countries are island countries?

Philippines and Indonesia

Only country without a coastline



parallel chains/ranges of mountains


a chain of islands


Constituting an island


plant life in a region


animal life in a region

Why English, Chinese, and French spoken in Vietnam?

Because they colonized there

English because of the war

Khmer Rouge took over what country?


How early cultures developed?
Though trade
Who gained control of the Philippines in 1898?

The United States

Source of conflict in East Timor

Genocide (Christianity vs. Islam)
Source of conflict in Vietnam

Srivijaya empire developed what?

trade routes, used navy to control straits and gained wealth by taxing ships

Angkor Wat was built by?

The khmers

Government of Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore


What ethnicity in Myanmar?
Countries with the highest and lowest population densities

Lowest is Laos

Highest is Vietnam

result of external migration

skilled workers move away and the educated leave.

Early civilizations built life around what?
Waterways or strategic ports
sea faring empires that grand power through controlling shipping and trade
Siam as a buffer for who?

The British and French

Island country with highest population density
Largest Muslim population in what country?

Buddhist temple in Java

Dominant Religion in Southeast Asia
Dominant religion in the Philippines

Catholic/ Christian
Country with best healthcare

Challenges in protecting the environment

-abandoning conservation areas.

- an outbreak of turmoil for logging and timber companies; causes economic political turmoil

- illegal logging

- green zones and banning

Volcano that erupted in the Philippines

Mt. PInatubo
Examples of cash crops

rice, cassava, tams, corn, bananas, sugarcane, coffee, palm oil, coconuts, and spices

What has hurt Vietnam's development?

Rapid population growth and inadequate transportation has hurt Vietnam's economic development
Why rice grows well

Because it grows well in warm/wet climates

Results of being on the Ring of Fire

plenty of Earthquakes, volcanic, and tectonic activity

Southeast Asian's are moving where?
to America
Leading economic activity


Most common transportation

Water transportation, major water routes

What killed 225,00people?

on December 26, 2004 there was an earthquake in the Indian Ocean generated a tsunami that killed the people

Why flooding a problem in Bangkok?
It's built on unstable land. Some sections of the city sink as much as 25in a year.
Sustainable development

Technological and economic growth that doesn't deplete the human and natural resources of a given area

Green Zone

Environmentalist protected areas of the city


Storm with heavy winds that blow in a circular pattern around an area of low atmospheric pressure

a violent tropical storm that forms in the Pacific Ocean usually in the late summer.

Shifting cultivation

cleaning forests to plant fields for a few years and then abandoning them.