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What is the mountain range that runs along the western coast of South America?
The Andes.
What is the tallest mountain in South America?
Aconcagua (Argentina) 22,834 ft.
What is the name of the waterfall which has the longest drop of any in the world?
Angel Falls (Venezuela) 2,937 ft.
What is an isthmus?
An isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land.
What is a mountain range?
A row of connected mountains.
What is a rainforest?
A tropical forest is an area where there is an exceptionally high amount of yearly rainfall.
What is pampas?
A pampas is a huge, grassy, treeless plain (especially in Argentina).
List the areas (not countries) that are included in the South American continent?
Central America,
South America,
and the Falkland Islands.
In which hemisphere is South America located?
In the southern hemisphere.
What are the three continents larger than South America?
and North America.
The world's largest rain forest is located in South America. Where is it?
In the Amazon river basin which is in Brazil.
What is the name of the desert located in northern Chile?
The Atacama Desert.
What three South American countries are largely made up of rolling grasslands?
and Colombia.
The isthmus of Panama links Central America to what country?
List some plants native to South America?
Rubber Trees,
Cacao Trees,
Pineapple plants,
and Carnuba Palms.
List some of South America's native animals?
Anacondas (snake),
and Alpacas.
What major islands or island groups are part of South America?
The Falkland Islands,
the Tierra del Fuego islands,
and the Galapagos Islands.
What were the three main Indian groups on this continent before the European explorers arrived?
Mayans (Guatemala),
Aztecs (Mexico),
and the Incas (Peru).
What European nation was responsible for conquering the great Indian nations of South America?
The Spanish in the early 1500s. They had only a few well armed soldiers who were known as Conquistadors.
Who was the Inca leader at the time of the Spanish conquest?
Who led the conquering of the Inca Indians?
Francisco Pizarro (1530).
Which tribe controlled the Valley of Mexico and the area surrounding it?
What was the name of the Aztec capital and what is the present-day name for this area?

Mexico City.
Who was the leader of the Aztecs when the Europeans invaded in c1520?
Montezuma II.
Which European leader conquered the Aztecs?
Hernando Cortes.
Who helped Cortez's conquistadors overcome the Aztecs?
He was helped by the surrounding Indian tribes who had been conquered by the Aztecs and who resented Aztec rule and taxes.
Why did the Aztecs not oppose the European conquerors?
The Aztecs did not oppose Cortes as they had a legend that their god (who was a White man) had sailed across the ocean and that someday he would return. When Cortes and his men appeared they believed that it was their god returning.
What group of Indians in southern Chile were able to resist being conquered for over 300 years.
The Araucanian Indians in southern Chile were able to resist being conquered for over 300 years.
Besides being killed in battle, what was another reason for the decline in the native population after European colonists arrived in Latin America?
The European colonists brought diseases with them that the Indians did not have an immunity to. The Indians also died from the harsh treatment suffered at the hands of settlers.
Of the four major European countries that had the greatest number of people settling in the New World, which two of these countries focused mostly on the southern continent?
Spain and Portugal.
Why is this area often referred to as 'Latin America.'
All the languages spoken on this continent (Spanish and Portuguese) are derivatives of Latin.
What was one major reason Europeans came to the new world?
To search for gold, silver, iron ore and precious gems.
What did South America have more of than North America?
Silver and gold.
Which church group took hold in Latin America?
The Roman Catholic church.
Which area in South America did the Portuguese government control?
What was the Line of Demarcation
The Line of Demarcation is an imaginary line drawn up after the discovery of the New World. To prevent disputes between Spain and Portugal over who could claim these new lands Pope Alexander VI said that Spain could claim lands east of this line and Portugal west of this line.
Who were the two men who led revolutions to gain independence for South America from its European rulers?
Simon Bolivar (1783 to 1830)

Jose de San Martin (1778 to 1850)