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The Continental Congress began writing this plan for a government jof the new United States.
Articles of Confederation
The location where some state leaders met in 1786 because they were becoming concerned that the new United States would not survive.
Annapolis, Maryland
The location where a large convention was held in 1787 to discuss problems facing the new government.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
An important Virginian who felt that the states needed a strong central government. His ideas formed the Virginia Plan.
James Madison
The ideas of James Madison that included having a legislature with two main chambers, or houses.
Virginia Plan
When two sides each give up some of their demands in an argument, it is called a....
The agreement of the representatives so that there would be a two-house legislature. One would be based on population, and the other would not.
Great Compromise
To make a change to the constitution is to...
To formally adopt a change in the constitution.
The first ten amendments are known as the...
Bill of Rights