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Why did a strong civilization develope in the Indus Valley?
The Indus and Ganges rivers helped create excellent soil for farming.
What characteristic of the Aryan society most contributed to the Aryan migration into India?
their nomadic lifestyle
Hindu's ultimate goal in life is to _______________________.
join the soul to brahman
Buddhist belief is ________________________.
selfish desire causes human suffering.
One long-lasting result of the Mauryan Empire is India was ________________________.
the spread of Buddhism throughout Southeast Asia
What influenced the history of ancient China the most?
its natural barriers and resources
How did a typical village in China change during the Shang dynasty?
It became part of a system controlled by landowners.
What was the main accomplishment of the Zhou dynasty?
developing and spreading Shang culture
Confucius did NOT believe in _________________________.
stern and distant leadership
This was most responsible for the stability of the Han Empire.
the use of Confucianism as an approach to governing
What is the mountain range in northern India that contains Mt. Everest?
What was the trade route between China and Rome called?
Silk Road
How did the flooding of the Indus and Granges River Valleys help the development of farming in ancient civilizations?
They spread nutrients across the fields, helping crops to grow.
What is the name of the religion established in India by the Aryans?
What does Ahimsa mean?
not injuring any living thing
The ultimate goal of a Buddist is to _______________.
achieve Nirvana
What religion did Asoka spread throughout Asia?
What developments during the Shang Dynasty might be considered the beginning of a central government system?
setting up a capital city
Which philosopher believed that order in society came from observing nature?
Explain how the Great Wall of China, together with the country's geographic features, isolated China and protected it from invaders.
The Great Wall was a barrier to invasion from the North. Mountains & ocean protected China's other borders.
What is an Asian weather condition of moist wind and heavy rain?
What is a way of organizing society by levels?
caste system
What is the process of rebirth into another lifetime?
What is a landform called in which a huge, bowl-shaped plateau is surrounded by mountains?
What is permission to rule; according to the Zhou, theirs had come from heaven?
What is a formal command called?
What is a large landmass that is smaller than a continent?
What are Hindu exercises of the body and mind?