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A person whose racial group has inhabited a particular geographical region since before recorded history.

Bill of Rights

A list of rights and freedoms considered essential to a nation.


A refusal to conduct business with a person, business, nation, etc.

Civil Disobedience

An act of protest in which a person or group deliberately breaks a law to highlight an injustice.

Civil Liberty

A liberty that protects citizens from unwarranted government interference. Core liberal freedoms ( Freedom of speech/press etc.).


A broad ideology in which individual rights and freedoms are secondary to the good of the community as a whole.

Command Economy

An economy that is thoroughly controlled by the state.

Common Good

An ideal of the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Communal Property

Any property held in common by a collective or commune.


A nation's foundational code of laws and principles of government.


The common patterns of behaviour and modes of expression of a society.


An easing of tensions; In context of Cold War( Begining of Nixon Administration to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.)


An ideology that opposes the harm or abuse of the natural ecosystem.


The legal ability to vote.


A collection of ideas and beliefs, generally relating to politics, society, and economics.


A broad ideology in which the rights and freedoms of individuals are of primary importance.


The period in which a society moves toward machine-assisted agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation; Industrial Revolution.

Invisible Hand

Adam Smith's term for the unintentional and beneficial consequences of self-interest.


Leave it alone. An economic stance that opposes any government interference in the economy.

Liberal Democracy

A democracy in which citizens are guaranteed core civil liberties.


1. An ideology that promotes individual rights and freedoms(Adam Smith and John S. Mill). 2. A political stance that lies at or near the centre of the political spectrum.