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Breast cancer screening

mammogram lowers mortality the most out of all cancer screening tests

mortality benefit greatest in pts >50

Cervical cancer screening

pap smears lowers mortality

start at 21 regardless of onset of sexual activity

perform q3 yrs until age 30

with HPV testing, can do q5 yrs from ages 30-65

stop screening at age 65

Colon cancer screening

colonoscopy is most effective test

for everyone, start colonoscopy at age 50 q10 yrs

virtual colonoscopy is NEVER right answer

with one family member with colon cancer

begin screening at age 40 OR 10 yrs earlier than when the family member was dx --> whichever is earlier


3 family members

2 generations

1 premature (before age 50)

start screening at age 25 and screen q1-2 yrs

Influenza & Pneumococcal vaccination populations

chronic lung, heart, liver, kidney, & cancer


pts on steroids

pts with DM

healthcare workers

Influenza vaccine

everyone >50

injected vaccine is inactivated (egg allergy is NOT contraindication)

Pneumococcal vaccine

all patients >65

NOT pregnant

NOT healthcare workers

Meningococcal vaccination

routinely given at age 11

give earlier if:

functional or anatomic asplenia

terminal complement def

HPV vaccination

all females btwn 13-26

acceptable in boys but no guidelines

Varicella-Zoster vaccine

everyone >60

higher-dose form of varicella can be given to children

Smoking cessation tx

most effective:



less effective:

nicotine patches/gums

Osteoporosis screening

all women >65

DEXA scan

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

Only men who have smoked & are >65

screen one time with u/s

Hyperlipidemia screening

men >35

women >45

q5 yrs

Annual CT screening in smokers

55-80 yrs of age & heavy smokers (30+pack-yr-hx who currently smoke or quit within 15 yrs)