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Where are the kidney's located?
right= T13-L2
Left= T13-L3 More mobile
What is the general size of the kidney?
2.5 X the lenght of L2
What is the bladder covered by and where does the ureters enter?
Its covered by peritonium and enters the bladder latetrally at the trigone of the bladder in a J-shaped
Can the urethra be palpated on a rectal exam?
What is unique about the appearence of the feline kidney?
It is pale and has very shallow vessels
What is the fx of the kidney?
-Regulate blood flow both locally with PG2(dilation) and Flunoxin(Cx) and systemically with erythropoietin
-Excrete toxins
-Acid base
What are the autoregulatory systems for the kidney?
Myogenic theory=
Gramerulo-tubular theory=
How many nephrons are in the canine and the feline kidney?
K9- half a million
Feline 200,000
What are your min data base for a UT exam?
Chem profile
What kind of anemia is found with kidney dz?
Chronic- normacytic, normachromic