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Definition of Popular (Pop) Culture?

Popular Culture is beliefs/attitudes, lifestyle choices, interests and/or activites shared by a group of people that go from a local - national - globally level.

4 important things of the Post War Period?

The Cold War

The Economic Boom in the West


The Baby Boom

Welcome to the 40's...

Welcome to the 40's

In 1946 what was the major accessible form of communcation in Australia?


Components of the “Australian Dream” in the 1950s?

Raising a family in your own home

Housing shortage was the result of?

The growing population and the high rates of mirgants

By the end of the 1950s ___________ of Australian families owned a car


The industry of motor vechicles was improved in what decades?

The 1950's and 1960's

Cars promoted what activites for family leisure time?

Trips to the beach, sporting events, brief getaways, camping trips and journeys to rural Australia

What recreational activity/sport became exetremely popular during the 1950's?


Other than cars what other mode of transportation changed Australian culture?

Air travel

What was the year and location of the first Australian hosted Summer Olympics?

1956 Melbourne Olympics

What decades were apart of the Golden Age of Radio?

1940's and the 1950's

What countries was Australian Radio influenced by?

US and UK influenced Australian Radio

What year did black and white television become available in Australia?


What year did Rock 'n' Roll make its debut in Australia?


The influence of Rock 'n' Roll was ensured by what (forms of communication and entertainment)?

Radio, television and film

1960's and 70's = the domain of who

The Baby Boomers

Increase in ______ culture and jazz music in the 1960-70s

Surf culture

1963 what famous rock 'n' roll boy band rose to fame?

The Beatles

What swept through Australia with the arrival of the Beatles on the music scene?


Surf Culture had its own music genre, what famous bands/singers came from this?

The Beach Boys and The Atlantics were very popular in Australia

What movement that orginated in the 60s and 70s started alternative lifestyles, protests for peace and freedom of sexual expression?

The Hippie Movement

By 1965 how many families had television in Australia?

9 out of 10 Aussie families had a television

Popular 70s music includes genres such as?

Bubblegum, glam rock, soft rock and punk

Colour television was introduced in Australia in what year


Within 3 years of Australia television how many families owned a colour tv

7 out of 10

Film in the 70s consisted of what type of movies

Ozploitation film aka authentic Australian culture filled films